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Costway Multipurpose Cleaner Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Steam cleaning is a time-tested method to sanitize, deodorize, renew, and refresh many kinds of surfaces (an especially valued way to clean during a pandemic). The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner turns nature’s universal solvent into heated pressurized steam that loosens caked on dirt, grime, removes calcification and hard water stains in the bathroom, deodorizes fabrics, and even takes out wrinkles from clothes or drapes. The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner is included in the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner buyer’s guide.

Why We Like It – Costway Multipurpose Cleaner

The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner is an efficient, adjustable, chemical-free way to deep clean and disinfect virtually any surface. Easy to maneuver and to store, with an array of useful attachments.

  • Large tank capacity
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Accessories and attachments
  • Power cord not long enough
  • Steam mop / wipe / brush only


The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner features an adjustable steam control allowing you to dial in the proper amount of steam pressure for any surface. Water poured into the 1.5-quart tank is heated in about 5-6 minutes to become 226-degree Fahrenheit high-pressure steam dispensed from a tool at the end of a 59” hose at a maximum of about 58 psi (4 bar). In addition to the pressure adjustment control, the steam dispensing wand includes a safety lock to prevent accidental discharges of steam. Status panel lights indicate when the water has been adequately heated to supply steam pressure, and when the water level in the tank becomes low.

Steam cleaners require a lot of work, so if you’d prefer not to deal with the hassle, you might be interested in the Black & Decker Max Flex, which requires much less maintenance and preparation.

Speed / Efficiency

The tank of the Costway Multipurpose cleaner has wheels making it relatively easy to maneuver as you move about your cleaning chores. Nineteen useful accessories and attachments are included, with cleaning heads designed for various surfaces and jobs, including attachments for hard flooring surfaces, tile and grout, carpet, mirrors and glass, and fabrics. Many of the cleaning head brushes can be stored in a handy compartment located within the rollaround tank unit. A 10’ power cord provides mobility, but some may find even 10’ is not enough power cord length. At 1.5 quarts the Costway Multipurpose Cleaner tank capacity is large enough to provide steam for 30 to 45 minutes based upon the selected pressure.

Bin Capacity / Maintenance

Similar to the Eureka canister vacuum, storing the Costway Multipurpose Cleaner is pretty easy thanks to its compact design and wheels. The power cord winds onto a provided spool located on the tank unit. There is no debris bin as found on a conventional vacuum, only a water tank. The tank capacity is sufficiently large enough to provide ample steam, but must be emptied for storage. While the smaller cleaning brush heads can be stored within the tank unit, other accessories such as extension tubes, carpet and fabric cleaner mop heads, are stored separately i.e., there are no holders or a case.


The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner is well built and heavy duty. Large rubberized wheels and carrying a handle make moving the unit easy. Cleaning head brushes are sturdy and should stand up to tough jobs and repeated use. Apart from the sound of steam being dispersed during cleaning, and the sound of the water being heated when first turned on, there’s relatively little noise associated with using the Costway cleaner as there are no moving parts per se. A design that’s quite different from other steam cleaners such as the Tineco Pure ONE S12 or the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3.


The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner is a good choice for routine household cleaning. If your cleaning objective is to remove built-up dirt and grime, disinfect and deodorize, then steam is a good way to go. But there’s no suction, so you must wipe away dirt loosened by the steam action. More like a steam mop than a conventional vacuum cleaner. Steam mop cleaning is maybe not the way to go if you’re looking to remove stuff like pet hair, for which a different style of steam cleaner such as the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is probably better suited.

Costway Multipurpose Cleaner Wrap Up

The Costway Multipurpose Cleaner will clean and disinfect almost any surfaces, hard or soft, indoors in home or office, or in cars or RVs. Easy to use and store. If you’re looking for a good multi-purpose steam mop-style cleaner, then Costway is worthy of consideration.

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