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Say you have a fair budget. You need a great gaming keyboard, but you aren’t ready to go all in—perhaps something that’s built strong and performances better than “well.” The best keyboard that fits the build is definitely the K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard. Look, it even has “gaming” in its name. Let’s discuss why.

Why We Like It – Corsair K55 RGB Review

Between the Razer Huntsman Elite and the Redragon S101, the K55 sits comfortably in the middle, being both excellent for gaming, strongly built, and comes with RGB lighting.

  • Excellent choice for gaming; affordable pricing
  • IP42-rated dust and spill protection
  • Six additional macros buttons
  • Not a mechanical keyboard


When it comes to membrane keyboards, the Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard was by far one of our favorites. Sure, it isn’t a mechanical keyboard, but its keys have some click to them, great resistance and response to typing. Even with the rubber dome switches, the pre-travel distance never felt like an issue in gaming. In fact, it performed so well in a gaming setting that it’s a serious contender for the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard. However, if mechanical keyboards are your thing, we’d suggest the Razer any day of the week.


The Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard is one tough piece of hardware. It’s highly resistant to bowing, and even using a harder plastic plating over the top for extra toughness. Not quite as tough as the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, however.Furthermore, it also has an IP42 dust and spill protection rating, which is fantastic when you have a drink at your desk; after all, accidents happen.

A unique feature are the programmable macro keys. Through the iCUE software, you can adjust the six additional keys on the left-hand side, though this does add some extra width to the keyboard, in addition to the RGB backlighting. You’ll need a fair amount of space, given that it also has a detachable wrist rest.


The Corsair K55 RGB provides the perfect opportunity to have a great gaming keyboard with a few bells and whistles RGB gaming keyboards usually have without spending a ton of money. At the same time, it’s built so well that it clearly isn’t going to break, nor feel flimsy when you use it. Because of how well it performs in a gaming setting, additional macro buttons, and high-quality design, we gladly give the Corsair K55 RGB our mark of excellent value, more so than the Logitech K400.

Corsair K55 RGB Review Wrap Up

As we close our review Corsair’s pension for excellent keyboards continues with the K55. They manage to create excellent keyboards at an affordable price, with a fair amount of high-quality materials and features. The IP42 dust and spill protection rating kept spills from being disastrous, and the additional macro buttons were awesome for gaming. It’s lovely for gaming, provided you don’t care it isn’t mechanical.

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