Cords Of Steel Right Angle Charger

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Updated June 27, 2022

Charging your smartphone should be a hassle-free affair, but sadly, that isn’t always the case. The best rechargeable aas are easy at least. This can’t be said about even the best C batteries. Let’s say your phone dies, but your friend has a charging cable. Sadly you are rocking an Android and the cable is for an iPhone. And sometimes the cable isn’t angled right, making things awkward. If you’re looking for a charger that’s more portable, take a look at this phonesoap charger review too.

One Charging Cable to Rule Them all

You need to carry several cables, gadgets and other accessories with you these days if you want to be truly prepared, so the best gadgets have multiple uses. Well, here is a cable that has multiple uses. The Right Angle Triple Blind Charger from Cords of Steel is the worlds first 3-way blind charging cord. It’s taking the cable charging world by storm and that’s not just hype. If you want a case that will always keep your phone charged, you might also be interested in these 7 battery cases that will keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC one juiced up.

The USB A is fully reversible. So is the Micro USB and the lightning too. That’s why this is a real game changer. You can put this cord into any Apple product, most android phones and hundreds of other gadgets, without worrying about which way you stick it in. That means that you get it right the first time, every time.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting it wrong again and again. This cable solves that problem.

Cords Of Steel Right Angle Charger
Cords Of Steel has the only cord you need.

Charging Made Easy

Imagine a single cord that charges both Android and Apple phones with a single head. It seems unreal, but it’s true. It really works. The Right Angle Cord comes in three cool colors: Silver, rose gold, and blue. These cords are pretty tough as well. They’re made of Stainless Steel Spring Metal so they won’t fray and your animals won’t bite them.

The Right Angle cord comes in 3.5 and 6-foot lengths. This cord is going to make life much easier if you are frustrated by typical charging cords. This is all that you need to carry with you to charge all of your gadgets. That will lighten your load and leave more room for other things in your backpack.

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