Charging your smartphone should be a hassle-free affair, but sadly, that isn’t always the case. The best rechargeable aas are easy at least. This can’t be said about even the best C batteries. Let’s say your phone dies, but your friend has a charging cable. Sadly you are rocking an Android and the cable is for an iPhone. And sometimes the cable isn’t angled right, making things awkward. If you’re looking for a charger that’s more portable, take a look at this phonesoap charger review too.

One Charging Cable to Rule Them all

You need to carry several cables, gadgets and other accessories with you these days if you want to be truly prepared, so the best gadgets have multiple uses. Well, here is a cable that has multiple uses. The Right Angle Triple Blind Charger from Cords of Steel is the worlds first 3-way blind charging cord. It’s taking the cable charging world by storm and that’s not just hype. If you want a case that will always keep your phone charged, you might also be interested in these 7 battery cases that will keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC one juiced up.

The USB A is fully reversible. So is the Micro USB and the lightning too. That’s why this is a real game changer. You can put this cord into any Apple product, most android phones and hundreds of other gadgets, without worrying about which way you stick it in. That means that you get it right the first time, every time.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting it wrong again and again. This cable solves that problem.

Cords Of Steel Right Angle Charger
Cords Of Steel has the only cord you need.

Charging Made Easy

Imagine a single cord that charges both Android and Apple phones with a single head. It seems unreal, but it’s true. It really works. The Right Angle Cord comes in three cool colors: Silver, rose gold, and blue. These cords are pretty tough as well. They’re made of Stainless Steel Spring Metal so they won’t fray and your animals won’t bite them.

The Right Angle cord comes in 3.5 and 6-foot lengths. This cord is going to make life much easier if you are frustrated by typical charging cords. This is all that you need to carry with you to charge all of your gadgets. That will lighten your load and leave more room for other things in your backpack.

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  1. I bought one of your cords . It will not work with my phone.
    Coolpad is the name of my phone it will not fit my charging port
    I paid 20.00 for this cord .
    How can I get a refund ?

  2. We bought four cords last October. Gave two as gifts. Loved how they worked so beautifully on all our devices. My husband’s stopped working two weeks ago with “Accessory not supported” message. Mine stopped working today. I am so disappointed and frustrated. I have tried everything to get them to work again. No luck. I know I can opt for a replacement and pay shipping costs, but with two cords malfunctioning I’m not sure that is the way to go.

  3. These cords are suppose to have a lifetime warranty…Ha! They basically sell you a new cord for $4.99 plus shipping cost which at a min. Is a little more than $3 dollars. I don’t mind paying the shipping but the cord should be replaced for free. I’m sure it doesn’t even cost $5 dollars to make the cords and then sell them for $25. I’ll throw my broke cord in the trash and buy from someone else. I don’t mind trying to plug my cord in twice to get it right.

  4. I Purchaed 5 of theses awesome cords with the idea of keeping 2 and gifting the other ones.
    Well none of these cords work after the first few days except 1 and that crapped out on me after a month.
    I was so bummed out. What do I do now?

  5. Stop working very frustrating.

    Went to the Warranty Claim and everything was going well until you get to the part for the cost of shipping.

    The shipping goes from $25 USD up to $131 USD which is more than what the cord is worth.

    Wont be getting another one…beware..

  6. DO NOT BUY!
    From day one this charger won’t work when I plug it into an outlet. I thought it was just defective, but if I try to plug it in to my computer USB port the computer says “This accessory is taking up too much power. Unplug immediately”. I don’t know what the problem is but it is NOT worth the trouble. So sad because it seems like a quality item at first glance… Don’t be fooled.

  7. This is the WORST charger in the world. Whenever I use it, it brings my phone power down and it shocked me like several times!!

  8. Love my cords of steel! Love they have the warranty I exchanged 2 of mine and they switched or for new ones!! Can’t beat a company that does that!

  9. I dont trust this cord my daughter has been using it for a few months it worked great at first until tonight when it shocked her and left red marks on her thigh. we changed to a different outlet and the is started to spark right at the edge of the cord. will not buy again I dont trust it!

  10. Loved it at first…now if i touch the phone while charging, it stops charging! Very frustrating! Very loose fit on my phone.

    1. My Iphone no longer supports the C.O.S. charger. I get a message that that the device is no longer supported. What does one do now?

        1. This happened to me too! Extremely frustrated because I was sold on what a dynamic engineered tool it would be. I was promised guaranteed results or money back. I’m tracking that vendor down. Very disappointed! It worked for a few days then the same automated response kicked in, “unsupported device”.

  11. These are life time warranty correct? Mine just stopped working which is odd because I absolutely love it! Does anyone know how to get ahold of the company?

  12. Best charging cord ever! Love the look, the feel and the lifetime warranty. I have one at home, in the car and at work so I am never without one. I never have to fumble around as either end plugs in right, every time! You gotta get ya one of these.

  13. Hands down the ABSOLUTELY best charging cord I have ever seen and used! Everyone should get one and see for themselves.

  14. I have been using this cable for about a month and I love it!. It works on all my electronics and looks great too. Got one for the house and one for the car. Everyone that sees it has to know where to get their own, they love it too!

  15. We love this cord! We took all our other chargers that were all falling apart and threw them out. We have a Cords of Steel RA Charger in every room. Kids love them & I even gifted one to my mom & dad because they always lose chargers and one of them is left unable to charge (mom has Apple & dad has android). Now they both can charge on the same cord and both are happy. Go out and get a couple of these! You will be so happy you did. I even have one in my car.

  16. I never need another charger after I found the right angle cords of steel! Simply amazing product and I love the blue colour.

  17. When I first got my new Cords of Steel Right Angle Charger I wanted to try it out right away. I was not disappointed. I did not have to look which way I plugged it in. The speed of charging is faster than the original cord that came with my phone. There is more: I have an android phone and my daughter has an iPhone and we can both charge our phones with the same charging cord. How cool is that…

  18. Easily the best cellphone charging cord to date. It would be hard to top #cordsofsteel. Stainless steel so no breaking or frying. Works for multiple devices. Long or short cords and come in great colors. Awesome product!

  19. Love my Cords of Steel! One cord with one Reversible Head charges hundreds of devices with one single head!!! Including Apple Lightning connector and Micro USB! No parts to change! No parts to lose! With The Freedom Charger you will avoid the frustrations of dealing with inferior cords that waste your hard earned money! The Freedom Charger will charge hundreds of devices from Android, iPhone, Drones, Video Game Remotes, WiFi Head Sets, Go Pro Cameras, Charging Packs, as well as any other device that uses Lightning or Micro USB! Toughest, smartest, most versatile charger on the market!

  20. I love products that have more than one purpose I can charge my tablet and phone one cord and I can’t break it it’s clumsy proof

  21. Loving our Right Angle #CordsofSteel! This cord is saving us a lot of headache & Money! No more replacing cords every month! Love it!

  22. I love my right angle cord. It works great on both my Android phone and the Ipad. It’s great to not have to look for a different cord to switch out each time I switch devices! It’s awesome!!

  23. This cord is simply amazing and is 6 foot long which is awesome, no matter which device or which end you plug in, you get it right the first time, love this cord!

  24. I actually have the first generation of this type of cord, the only differences are it’s not a right angle and isn’t triple blind. This particular cord can’t wait to get real soon and will be a real game change in the charging cord industry.

  25. This cord is LIFE CHANGING! No more frayed cords! No more cat bitten cords! The right angle technology is BEYOND AMAZING…It is so durable & versatile, there is nothing like it out there. Then to be able to carry one cord for BOTH Android and IPhone devices? SLAM DUNK! Once you throw in the lifetime guarantee after that, it is nothing short of miracle…

  26. This right angle cord really is a game changer. Now, I can plug it into the “cube” and not have to fidget with it in the dark. I really like the length of the cord too. I had the original cord but this is the BEST by far!! Never leave home without it….wait…I have one in my car too!!

  27. Great to see this review. More people need to know about these babies. They are awesome!

  28. All I can say is wow, the best charging cord ever! Everyone I show it to , wants one it charges almost everything in my home and my car. It’s definitely a game changer!

  29. I bought several of these amazing phone charging cords. The Right Angle Cords of Steel are truly the best phone charging cord out there! Love them!! They make awesome gifts too, Im going to get a few more!

  30. If there ever was one go to cord,THIS IS IT!!! Stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.Charges most any device, you will never need to buy another phone charger again! I have 4 of these bad boys, one for my phone, one for my tablet, one to keep in the car and one more just because!! Yes they are that good!!

  31. I had the original COS charging cord for BOTH my Apple & my Android phones; I was happy with that. But THIS “Right Angle Triple Blind” cord…Holy smokes, I have several on order and can’t wait to get them. Not only will I be enjoying a cord that charges just about everything…and that lasts, I’ll enjoy showing it of and giving as gifts. People were blown away by the original but this one is gonna be even more fun!!! I highly suggest you get yours…no doubt you’ll love it and you’ll wonder why someone didn’t invent this sooner!!

  32. I have a few of these right angle cords one for my car, desk, bedroom and living room. It charges everything I phone, I pads, androids ,video game controllers, speakers, headphones, and charging blocks. There is seriously nothing it can’t charge fast and very durable.

  33. This charger is amazing. I wouldn’t use any thing else. I love my Cords of steel the right angle charger. Charges all my devices in my house with this one cable. So in love with it. Charges my Android phone, my PS4 controller, son’s tablet, my vape, my old iPhone, Bluetooth headphones everything I need is charged with this cord.

    1. Bought this cord because I was told its universal, iPhone and Samsung..never worked on my iPhone

  34. This cord is a game changer when it comes to charging, the length is another added bonus to this durable phone charger. We have 6 of these in our house for charging multiple devices.

  35. Niiiiiiiice!!!! We actually got 10 of these bad boys… and all I have to say is WOW! I Dot at my desk and charge my iPhone, my Bose wireless earbuds, my charging block and my ps4 remote all on this one cord! Hands down ya gotta get one!… or 10

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