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Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Bathtub (video)

So what does it take to get your tike to jump in the bath?  Do you have to beg and plead with the little guy until he succumbs to your woes and whims?  We’re not saying that this carbon fiber bathtub will make the process any easier, but if you’re a tuner head or have a penchant for all thing feathery light, at least once he’s in the tub you’ll too be able to bask in the overpriced piece of MC Hammer worthy bathing utility that you’ve always dreamt of.

The Corcel N°1 from Corpo Celeste took 7 months of designing before they laid their first inch of carbon fiber.  Manufacturing is limited to a “strict” 51 pieces, so the chances of you getting one, let alone affording this design obscurity are slim at best.  And speaking of slim, the N°1’s skin measures no more than 5 thousandths of a millimeter.  Unlike some other bathtubs on the market, this one should be able to accommodate a 6 foot human, seeing as it measures 7.7 feet in length, but that’s part conjecture on our behalf.

Price you ask?  We haven’t been able to dig one up, but hit the comments if you know.

Hit the video just below.  We can’t help but get the feeling that they’re alluding to their tube being on par with Super Man.


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