Coravin Lets You Try Wine Without Popping A Cork

Wine is a lot of fun, but it’s also a commitment. You spend some money on some wine, it’d better be good stuff. But you don’t generally know until you pop that cork and pour a glass and, of course, you can’t return opened wine. Coravin, though, lets you have a glass without opening the bottle.

Classical Gas

How? Through the wonders of argon! Yes, the gas.

Coravin is essentially a little wine thief. You insert a narrow needle into the bottle, and it pressurizes said bottle with argon. You might remember from high school chemistry that argon is an “inert” gas, meaning that it doesn’t react with anything. That means the wine’s flavor, bouquet, and other stuff people say about wine isn’t affected.

The pressure runs the wine up through the needle and into your glass, so you can have a glass without busting out the whole bottle.

In Vino Veritas

coravin 2

The advantages are fairly obvious: Instead of committing to a bottle of wine, you can just try a glass. Or, if it’s really good wine, you can hook up the system and keep it there. The system works in such a way that you can keep the wine pressurized for a while and only have a glass when you feel like it.

At $300, it’s not a cheap gift for the wine snob in your life. But it’s a useful way to make them commit to actually giving you some of those great wines they claim to own. Come on, now you don’t have to open the cork. Make with the vino, suckers!

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