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Cooper and Hunter Mini Split Reviews Review

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Updated January 15, 2021
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With the technology to control individual room temperatures easily available, having a portable or a window unit as your HVAC system is not as appealing as it used to be. The only caveat is that they’ll cost significantly more, but they do come with one added advantage. Mini split systems are ductless, so you won’t have to fuss with having to install any long winded pipes against the corner of your ceiling. The Cooper & Hunter mini split air conditioning system is one of the many high quality air conditioners in the market right now that’s selling pretty well so if you’re shopping around for the best ductless mini split air conditioner, it could be a great pick to consider. Go ahead and read through the rest of this review to find out why we think so.

Why We Like It – Cooper and Hunter Mini Split Reviews

The Cooper and Hunter Mini Split uses inverter technology, and this allows it to maintain good energy efficiency and also keep its running costs low. It comes with a remote control that you can use to control the air conditioner from the comfort of your sofa, and also comes with a 16 foot copper line with 18 feet communication wires to facilitate easy installation.

  • 12000 BTU rating
  • High energy efficiency with a BTU rating of 22
  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts, 7 Year Warranty on Compressor
  • Slightly Expensive


The Cooper and Hunter heat pump and air conditioner has enough power to efficiently cool down a room that’s up to 377 square feet in size. This one in particular has got a 12000 BTU rating, but there’s a wide variety of options to choose from, and they’re based on how large your space is, as well as how powerful you need your mini split air conditioner to be. The air conditioner is also capable of warming up your rooms since it’s got an outdoor unit that can pump heat inside or outside, but similar to the Senville Mini Split, the degree to which it can heat up the room is quite limited.

Energy Efficiency

Having been awarded an Energy Star certification, there’s no other proof required to prove that the Cooper & Hunter ductless mini split air conditioner is indeed energy efficient. The ductless air conditioner also has a much higher EER and SEER ratio than the WYS012A-19 Pioneer Mini Split system, at 22 compared to 19. This means that you’ll likely spend more money on your electricity with the Pioneer mini split heat pump compared to how much you’ll spend with the Cooper & Hunter mini split system.


For all outdoor units to work properly in getting rid of pollutants in the air, they have an air filter that stops all the harmful stuff from getting into the system, and also get rid of the bad odour that the air in your environment might have. Just like those on the DIY-12-HP-115B25 Mrcool Mini Split, the air filters are removable, so you’ll be able to wash them when you need to, or even replace them if you find them to be worn out.


Any top tier ductless air conditioners in the market today have a warranty that extends beyond five years. The 12000 BTU ductless AC unit from Cooper & Hunter also falls under this category, and it’s warranty actually lasts up to 7 years. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a quality product.


When going for a multi split system, you can opt to go for either a single zone mini split heat pump, or a multi zone system that’s got many indoor units. This Cooper & Hunter AC happens to be a single zone AC, where only one indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit. While this might be a deal breaker to someone that’s got a large living area with many separate spaces, it’s still great for someone that’s living in a small to midsize house or apartment.

Cooper and Hunter Mini Split Reviews Wrap Up

As long as your space is not larger than 377 sq ft, the Cooper & Hunter AC unit should suffice for your needs. It’s one of the best mini split systems you can get for the money, and with a handy installation kit included with your purchase, you won’t need to make any other separate buys.

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