Coolest Cooler Now Available On Amazon For $500

So you have your best immersion blender. Now all you need is a good cooler to take your drinks with you. For the price of $499.  A car payment for a cooler?  I’ll pass, for now, but it’s still probably the most versatile cooler.  And by versatile I’m really pointing at the blender that can presumably make a half way decent smoothie sans power drawn from the grid.

What I’m trying to say is that there is a built-in battery, though The Coolest Cooler hasn’t indicated how many mAh. Nevertheless, it’ll blend some where in the neighborhood of 15-20 drinks on one charge, and thanks to a USB port can power your iPhone, iPad or Android device many times over.

Coolest Cooler
The Coolest Cooler looks an assuming, but it includes a variety of built-in features, include a Bluetooth speaker and a USB plug.

You might remember the Coolest Cooler as it was not only one of the most successful Kickstarter’s to date, but it was one of the most successful Kickstarters to date on their second attempt.  And yes, it can now be purchased on Amazon!

There is also a Bluetooth speaker that is removable and includes dual drivers.  That’s in addition to the four built-in plates, one ceramic knife, a corkscrew, a removable divider/cutting board, and a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher.  Yes, Yogi the Bear would be jealous.  Or would he?

The Coolest cooler apparently tips the scales at 40lbs…empty.  Huh?  Fill its 55qt insulated gut with ice, beer, booze, and food and you’ll easily be pushing well north of 50lbs.  Fortunately, there is a stainless steel axle, double-wide rubberized wheels and an aluminum handle that telescopes.

So. Will you be buying the Coolest cooler this summer?

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