Cooler Master MM710 Review

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Updated November 1, 2022
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Finding the best gaming mouse isn’t hard, not if you’re checking out this Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse review. It’s amazing what a high DPI ceiling and accurate IPS can do to your gaming performance. And with the build quality and design of the Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse, you can comfortably game for hours. If you’re missing a keyboard, take a look at our Logitech MX5000 review for a combo pack. If you want to compare this with a mouse that looks like no other mouse you’ve ever seen, take a look at our AhnLab V3 click review instead.

Why We Like It – Cooler Master MM710

The Cooler Master MM710 is one fine example of how a gaming mouse can be designed without sacrificing performance, and yet still bring that excellent performance to most, if not all, gamers. If you’re looking for a mouse that’s a bit more niche, you should also read our review of the Razer Imperator Mass Effect Edition.

  • Excellent performance
  • Great build quality
  • Unique design
  • Additional buttons accessible only to righties


Unlike the Corsair Raptor M4, the MM710 can reach sensitivities as high as 16,000, much higher than the Logitech G203 Prodigy. This means the mouse can detect very minute movements, and react accordingly. And with an IPS of 400, it’s going to react accurately with your quick movements, processing information faster. However, the Razer Lancehead TE has it beat by a small margin, clocking in at true 450 IPS. The Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse does this by utilizing the pro-grade optical sensor, the PixArt sensor PMW3389.


Unlike the Bloody Gaming SP Series, the MM710 has such a strange design. But, it does serve a purpose. For starters, it’s ambidextrous in nature, so it’ll work for lefties and righties. However, the two additional side buttons can only be accessible to righties, and that’s a bummer. The scroll wheel moves smoothly, and its steps catch quite nicely. Even the Omron switches will last 20 million clicks. And if you’re getting a new mouse, consider buying the Giant Battle Mat mousepad that covers your whole desk.

By utilizing a honeycomb design and ultralight braided cable—more durable than the cheap wire on the Pictek Gaming Mouse—it’s able to reduce its overall weight, making it the lightest mouse in its price bracket. You’d have a hard time finding lighter gaming mice than the Cooler Master MM710, not without reducing its overall size.


Given how well the MM710 performs in terms of DPI and IPS, Cooler Master made a glorious model for gaming; the MM710 is of excellent value, and affordable, too! It’s surprising how well it’s built, even with its efforts to reduce weight. Since it’ll fit comfortably in your hand, and its honeycomb design will keep your hands cool, you can easily see yourself gripping the MM710 for hours without fatigue.

Cooler Master MM710 Wrap Up

The Cooler Master MM710 is a light, compact mouse that has all the amenities you need when gaming: a high DPI ceiling, high IPS for accuracy, and a comfortable design for extended use. However, its additional buttons are only accessible to right-handed individuals. Regardless, its performance and build quality are befitting of a gaming mouse.

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