Cool Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters Art

Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters 3

Chinese art is a fascinating form and now you can find your favorite Star Wars characters dressed up in traditional Chinese warrior clothes thanks to artist Joseph Chiang. Chiang decided he wanted to do a different take on the iconic Star Wars characters and represent them as Chinese warriors using the traditional Chinese art form. He’s actually created an entire art collection of Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters that really impress. Many of  your favorite ass-kicking characters are represented in Oriental warrior attire like Yoda, Darth Maul and a Stormtrooper. The various characters also feature their character names in Chinese on the poster, adding to the Asian theme of these Star Wars masterpieces. The pieces can be bought on Etsy for $45, which is a great price for unique pieces of art for any fan of the iconic movies, Chinese art or art in general. You’ll defiantly want to display these proudly!

Star Wars Chinese Warrior Characters 1

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