Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard for Apex Legends

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 10:28 AM
controller vs mouse and keyboard apex legends

If you’re looking for a top-tier computer mouse, you may wonder what wins in the mouse and keyboard vs. controller in the Apex Legends debate. Some assume that premium gaming mouse and keyboard players have a competitive advantage over controller users, but it isn’t so simple. After all, plenty of Apex streamers and ALGS professional players choose controllers in competition. So, stick around to learn the better option between controller vs. mouse and keyboard for Apex Legends.


  • Mouse and keyboard controls are a better choice for most Apex Legends players.
  • Controller players enjoy better accuracy at close range due to aim assist.
  • Console users cannot use mouse and keyboard controls, but they enjoy a higher-level aim assist than controller players on PC.

Keyboard & mouse vs. controller accuracy is a hot-button topic amongst Apex Legends players. Similar to the Overwatch controller vs. mouse and keyboard debate, your control options will affect the crosshair movement and game mechanics.

Insider Tip

You can dial in your preferred gameplay experience by adjusting controller options like the joystick dead zone and sensitivity.

Advanced movement techniques depend on muscle memory and skill, but you need enough room for mouse and keyboard controls. So, deciding between a deskmat vs. a mousepad is critical for winning consecutive games on PC.

You should investigate trackpads vs. mouse ergonomics to ensure comfort over long video game sessions. Additionally, deciding between a plastic mouse pad vs. cloth is important for complicated movement techniques needing high reticle speeds. You should learn what a silent mouse is to prevent clicking noises from breaking your concentration.

Apex Legends: Mouse vs Controller

With cross-platform competition on the rise, the debate between controller vs. keyboard and mouse in Apex Legends is hotly contested. This is an age-old discussion amongst PC gamers, but crossplay between console and PC on Apex has reignited the argument.

Generally, average keyboard and mouse users enjoy more freedom of movement than decent controller players. That said, with alternative controller layouts and aim assist features, gamers should investigate the difference between controllers and keyboards.


One of the biggest differences between controllers versus keyboard and mouse players is aim assist. Some mouse and keyboard users even think that aim assist gives controller players an unfair advantage. That isn’t exactly true because aim assist doesn’t affect long-distance aiming, and it only tracks at 40% on PC.

Input Options

While a decent controller player can be competitive on the PC, keyboard controls are usually the better pick. Controller players are locked into a set number of inputs, usually 14 to 20. Keyboard users have 104 inputs, plus their mouse, so they have a ton of options for comfortable and efficient play. This makes advanced techniques easier to pull off for keyboard users.

Learning Curve

Depending on your target skill level, there is a learning curve for keyboard and controller players. Experts advise that you stick with what you like and expect many bad games when switching control options.


Stick with a default control solution to learn the game mechanics through muscle memory and practice over numerous consecutive games. If not, you could slow your skill progression.


Regardless of which control scheme you choose, investing in the right tools can make a competitive difference. A cheap gaming controller doesn’t stand a chance against an average mouse and keyboard setup. That said, premium controllers offer more inputs and higher build quality.

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Controller vs. Mouse and Keyboard for Apex Legends FAQs

Can I use a mouse and keyboard on Apex Legends’ console version?

Console competitors cannot use a mouse and keyboard on Apex Legends without a specialized adapter. That said, it is against the Apex Legends TOS for console players to use these adapters on consoles.

Is aim assist stronger on console Apex Legends?

Console players enjoy a 60% aim assist on Apex Legends, while PC users get a 40% aim assist with a controller.

How many controller players are in ALGS?

As of the 2021 ALGS season, about 50 of the 120 players are controller users. Additionally, eight of the ALGS 2021 teams exclusively use controllers.

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