How to Connect iPad to Wireless Printer

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Updated November 16, 2022

An Apple iPad can be a fantastic device when it comes to wireless communication, including the completion of wireless print jobs via a high-performing printer.


  • Apple iPads can send documents to wireless printers for digital print jobs via a technology called AirPrint.
  • AirPrint does not integrate with every printer and every printing app, so confirm integration ahead of time.
  • AirPrint functions with pre-existing printing apps, so the printing process will remain relatively unchanged.

AirPrint Explained

Apple has developed a proprietary technology that allows its devices to interact with wireless printers. This tech is called AirPrint. Completing most print jobs via an iPad will be conducted via AirPrint, though standard Bluetooth connections could also work with certain printers. You can also print directly from your iPhones using Airprint.

Print Directly From Your iPad

The printing process will differ depending on the make and model of your printer, though there are some common tips and guidelines to follow when attempting to use an iPad and AirPrint.

Confirm Your Printer’s AirPrint Compatibility

To begin using AirPrint to complete wireless print jobs via your iPad, you will first have to confirm that your printer can integrate with Apple’s proprietary tech. This can be done by reading the instruction manual or contacting the manufacturer directly. Most newly-released printers can easily integrate with AirPrint, though it can never hurt to be extra certain. If your printer is not compatible with AirPrint, look for another way to conduct wireless print jobs, typically via a built-in Bluetooth connection. If your printer does not feature wireless connectivity of any kind, you will not be able to complete digital print jobs.


If your printer does not feature wireless connectivity of any kind, you will not be able to complete digital print jobs

Check Your Modem and Router

Before initiating a print job, you should check your Internet connection. Take a look at both your modem and your router to ensure they are both operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, your iPad and your printer should be on the same wireless network so they can easily communicate with each other. If you cannot find your printer on a list of available devices, the likely reason is that your iPad and printer are on different wireless networks. Remember, a Wireless printer can connect to hotspots for printing needs.

Open Your Printing App

AirPrint is a technology, not an app, so you must use a pre-existing printing app to complete wireless print jobs from your iPad to a wireless printer. Simply open up your favorite app, scroll down to the app’s share icon, and look for the “print” icon. You will then have to designate where the document will be sent (your printer) and how many copies you will be making. Not all apps integrate with AirPrint, so go ahead and confirm compatibility ahead of time.


Can I connect my iPad to a printer with a USB cable?

In most cases, yes, though it will depend on your printer. Additionally, you will have to use a USB adapter specifically designed for iOS devices, as modern iPads do not feature a USB port.

How do I print from a wireless printer that doesn’t have AirPrint?

If your wireless printer cannot integrate with AirPrint, you should still be able to complete wireless print jobs. Read up on the instructions to find alternative methods of printing.

What printers work with iPad printing?

A slew of modern printers integrates with AirPrint for iPad printing, including models by HP, Canon, and more. Read the instructions to affirm compatibility.

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