How to Connect Earbuds to a TV

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Updated January 19, 2023

If you are new to the world of personal audio devices, you may wonder how to connect earbuds to a TV. Some of the best headphones, after all, are earbuds and these gadgets offer some benefits when integrated with a TV. So why use the best earbuds with a television and what are the methods to get this done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Using earbuds with television is a great way to increase your privacy as you watch your favorite content.
  • For older TVs, purchase dedicated wireless headphones with an RF receiver that plugs into a port or headphone jack.
  • For newer TVs, you should be able to use standard Bluetooth earbuds and connect by pairing the two devices. Do this in the settings menu or by remote control. Wired headphones are also an option if the cord is long enough.

Why Use Earbuds With a TV?

After you have learned how to find earbuds, you need something to use them with. Televisions make a great partner for earbuds to create a bit of privacy as you watch, which is a similar reason many people learn how to connect earbuds to a laptop. You can pop in the earbuds and stream a fitness video on the TV, for instance, which is the same reason many learn how to connect earbuds to a Peloton.

Insider Tip

Make sure to keep your wireless earbuds charged so you can have them ready to go at any moment.

Televisions offer many benefits to earbud owners, though they cannot help you learn how to store your earbuds.

How Can I Connect My Earbuds to My TV?

The process here depends on a number of factors, including the design of your earbuds and the design of the TV. Here are some common methods for connecting earbuds to modern or ancient television, like a cathode TV.

Use Dedicated Wireless Earbuds

Pick up a pair of wireless earbuds that connect via RF frequency, as these can generally be used with any television, as only a small number of TVs include Bluetooth functionality. These dedicated wireless earbuds use a receiver that plugs into a USB port, HDMI port, or another connection port. Once you plug in the receiver, pop in the earbuds and watch TV. They are generally considered easy to use and with a good listening range.

STAT: Bluetooth is a wireless technology that sends data over short distances using radio waves. (source)

Use Bluetooth Headphones

In some cases, you may be able to use standard Bluetooth earbuds with your TV. This does require, however, a newer TV that includes a Bluetooth receiver. In other words, check the specs before making a television purchase. This is becoming more common with modern smart TVs, so you shouldn’t have to look too hard before finding a suitable model. Once you have all of the appropriate gear, head into the TV’s Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, and pair the earbuds how you normally would when using them with a phone, tablet, or PC.

TV Earbuds FAQs

How do wireless headphones work for TVs?

Wireless headphones work for TVs by using a dedicated RF (radio frequency) receiver or Bluetooth for audio streaming. Connect your favorite headphones via either of the above methods.

How to check if your TV has Bluetooth support?

To connect your wireless headphones, check for Bluetooth support on your audio device by heading into the settings menu via your remote control and looking for a Bluetooth device list. Your average Android TV typically includes Bluetooth.

What if the TV doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities?

If your TV lacks Bluetooth, use dedicated wireless headphones with an RF receiver, a pair of wired headphones with a headphone jack, or any other pair of headphones that lacks Bluetooth. You may be able to bypass the TV and use the wireless headphones with a streaming device.
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