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Computer Headset vs Gaming Headset

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Looking at the comparison between a computer headset vs a gaming headset draws critical differences between the two. The right pair of headphones will provide an outstanding gaming experience across all gaming devices, including mobile devices.


  • Even a cheap headset made for gaming devices will have a wide range of unique features, such as 3D audio capability, lifelike sound, and better overall design.
  • Over-ear headphones meant for general computer users typically have a great microphone. Still, they fall short in other areas that contribute to an outstanding gaming experience.
  • There is a wider range of factors to consider, like battery life for a wireless headset or having a detachable microphone.

There is a wide range of factors to consider in the pursuit of finding the best gaming headset for your gaming devices. We’ll explore the key differences below.

Does Sound Quality Matter for Gaming Sessions?

Having lifelike sound provides a more immersive gaming experience. Audio quality is crucial, which is why people invest in gaming laptops with powerful sound cards.

Regular headphones don’t offer the same standard features as gaming headphones unless they’re especially high-end. Our article on the comparison between audiophile headphones vs a gaming headset explains more.

Insider Tip

Using wireless technology removes the additional connection of a physical wire.

Now, let’s explore factors that help you pick the best pair of headphones for an outstanding gaming experience.

Ability to Provide Lifelike Sound Quality

Sound quality goes a long way in improving your gaming sessions. While your gaming setup is also important, having a dedicated headset for gaming is crucial.

Having lifelike sound makes a huge difference for gaming devices. A pair of headphones meant for a gaming setup has more audio channels, resulting in higher audio quality.

Improvement of Gaming Experience

There is a wide range of factors that create an outstanding gaming experience. Having virtual surround sound is a big one that comes standard in a pair of gaming headsets.

Even high-quality headsets can’t compare to a cheap headset for gaming. For an outstanding gaming experience, you need a headset for gaming.

Of course, the audio profiles matter, too. Comparing a Dolby vs a DTS gaming headset further clarifies this concept.

Overall Built-in Microphone Quality

Mic quality makes a huge difference in corresponding in multi-player. Fortunately, either option will provide an integrated microphone that encourages an outstanding gaming experience.

Price range is the determining factor where mic quality is concerned. A budget gaming headset won’t perform as well as a regular pair. Moreover, you’ll find that an office headset vs a gaming headset won’t suffice much either.


Standard headphones will generally require you to purchase a separate microphone to communicate while gaming.


Are wireless gaming headsets a better option?

Choosing a wireless headset provides freedom of movement. However, you’ll have to pay attention to the hours of battery life available. Many gamers choose wireless gaming headsets over wired gaming headsets.

Should I use active noise cancellation when gaming?

Background noise distracts you from your game. It can also make it more difficult to hear the spacious sound developers work so hard to incorporate. Choosing a closed-back design can also help with this.

What makes a gaming headset comfortable?

Several features make a gaming headset comfortable for hours of usage. Having memory foam helps. Choosing a wireless headset helps, as well, since wired headsets restrict movement. Active cooling technology is another excellent feature.

What should I do if I lose the charging cable for my wireless headset?

Background noise distracts you from your game. It can also make it more difficult to hear the spacious sound developers work so hard to incorporate. Choosing a closed-back design can also help with this.

STAT: By 1972, forty-two London studios were using DolbyÆ equipment to create their master tapes. (source)

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