ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The ComHoma office chair doesn’t have that much going on, but it still fits the bill for anyone who’s looking for a decent, adjustable and ergonomic office seat and doesn’t want to spend too much money on one. The desk chair is very well designed, and sports a modern look to fit your workspace, or match with your home office and decor. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that it offers the best lumbar support for office chair, and this is because the only thing it’s got going in terms of back support is the ergonomic design, but nonetheless, it does come with a high backrest, and it’s also great for small rooms because of its small footprint.

Why We Like It – ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair

The ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair is a simple, well built ergonomic office chair that’s also suitable for use in your home. It retails for about $80, and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

  • Flip-up padded armrests
  • Tilt lock & Tilt angle adjustable
  • 250 pound weight capacity
  • Available in only 2 colors


As we’ve previously mentioned, there’s not much to expect from the ComHoma mid back office chair in terms of back support, but you will get a backrest that takes up the shape of your spine, so that leaning on it feels a lot more natural. Things are a bit different on the AmazonBasics High Back Office Chair however, as you’d be leaning onto its back which happens to be heavily padded.


The padded armrests on the ComHoma chair provide a soft surface for you to rest your arms on, and it’s padded seat cushion ensures you have a very comfortable place to sit on. The chair is no way close to being as comfortable as the Homall chair, but if you just need a chair that you can sit on and get your work done, it should be fine for you.


The only adjustments you’ll be able to make on the ComHoma chair will be on the chair’s seat height, its armrests, and its angle of recline. You’ll only be able to move the armrests up or down, and this is also pretty much how the armrests on the Flash Furniture Mid Back chair are also set up. Under the seat you’ll find a tilt tension knob that you’ll use to set the amount of force required to recline the chair backwards.


Like most mesh back office chairs, the ComHoma office chair has very good breathability on both its mesh back and seat cushion. This should be great news especially for users who tend to spend long hours seated, and would still want to remain productive.


The ComHoma chair is available in only grey and black, and while we wish there were a couple of more choices to choose from, the black and grey options will still look good enough no matter where you place them. Putting the chair together is a very easy and straightforward task, and you also won’t need any additional tools to do so.

ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair Wrap Up

Anyone who’s looking for a simple, easy to adjust office chair will definitely be impressed with what the ComHoma office chair has to offer. If what we’ve said about it here still doesn’t get you over the fence, go ahead and have a look at what other users have said about it on its Amazon page, and maybe you might be convinced enough to make your purchase.

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