Comfort Zone CZ310R Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
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94 Expert Rating

The Comfort Zone CZ310R Reversible Twin Window Fan has a bug screen, one of the many firsts we’ve seen, that keeps bugs out of the fan and the room. But despite all these innovations, the people at Comfort Zone don’t seem too keen on giving measurements. There are no dB levels measured, for example. Check out our best window fan list for more great options!

Why We Like It – Comfort Zone CZ310R

The Comfort Zone CZ310R contains many ‘firsts.’ One, for example, is that it has a removable cover that keeps hot air out of your room even when the fan isn’t on. It has three-speed settings, which is rare for some reason, and is expandable from 23.5” to 37”, which means it will fit most windows.

  • Bug Screen
  • Electronically Reversible Fan Motors
  • Removable Feet for Table Use
  • No Window Measurements
  • No dB Measurements


The Comfort Zone CZ310R is a three-speed fan with electronically reversible fan motors. Unlike the Broan Nutone 512M, a three-speed fan is actually pretty rare in the window fan world so we’re happy it’s included here. Check out the Holmes Window Fan if two-speed settings are enough for you. The CZ310R works in three modes: cool brings air in, and exhaust removes stale air from the room. What’s better, you can have one fan do one job and another fan do the other job!


The Comfort Zone CZ310R is universal, and fits most windows. It comes with accordion expanders, and is expandable from 23.5” to 37”. Despite this, it would have been nice to have exact measurements of the windows needed so that you’re not playing a guessing game. But on the plus side, the fan comes with removable feet so you can turn it into a table fan!

Noise/Sound Level

The Comfort Zone CZ310R doesn’t have any sort of dB level listed nor does it have assurances that it’s quiet on the product page. We’ll have to rely on customer reviews and those are average, to say the least. While most agree that it doesn’t produce more or less noise than other fans in its class, many do agree that there is some electrical noise and rattling noise that comes from it. So overall, this fan will tend to be on the noisy side, unlike the Cosmo 5MU30.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Comfort Zone CZ310R includes an exclusive removable cover that will keep hot and humid air out of your home if the fan isn’t currently in use. The fan also comes with a removable bug screen to keep any pesky bugs out of the fan and out of your home. While all these new features are fantastic, consider the Bionaire Window Fan if you’d like something more traditional and mainstream.


The Comfort Zone CZ310R has many ‘firsts’ we’ve seen in a fan, but it also has a modern feature: a remote control. Consider the Genesis A1 if remote controls aren’t a selling feature for you, but it’s always nice to be able to control your fan from your couch. The fan only weighs 6.5 pounds too, so it will be easy to transport from room to room if you decide to use it as a table fan.

Comfort Zone CZ310R Wrap Up

The Comfort Zone CZ310R’s electronically reversible fan motor allows cool and exhaust functions to work at the same time for a consistently fresh room. The removable table feet is another first that we greatly appreciate that gives the fan untold versatility. Now if we could do something about accurate measurements, like what sized windows are best, we could really be in business.

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