In our ongoing TV service provider comparison series, let’s compare two giants — XFINITY® from Comcast and DIRECTV – and help you determine which is the right fit for you, just like we did in our DIRECTV vs DISH review.

Dish or Direct? Or Xfinity?

Comcast is the largest cable TV provider in the US, serving approximately 22 million customers across 40 states. DirecTV follows closely behind with about 20 million customers, and is available just about anywhere you can drop a satellite dish. Comcast’s XFINITY TV scored well in both our Comcast XFINITY vs. Time Warner Cable comparison (which included bundled service options from each provider), and in our Comcast XFINITY vs. DISH comparison (mainly because of the Hopper with Sling and DISH’s quantity of HD channel options). DirecTV, on the other hand, did well in our DISH vs DirecTV comparison. Now let’s see how the cable company’s TV service compare against that of DirecTV, which offers a wide variety of TV channels.

1. Installation

When signing up for XFINITY digital television services, you may be required to pay an installation fee. The fees may vary between 3rd party installers and how much equipment you install, but the typical professional basic install charge for new customers appears to be $50. The company also lets you choose between self-install and professional install. On the flip side, DirecTV doesn’t charge you an installation fee when you sign one of their 2-year agreements.

Call XFINITY to Speak to a Representative Directly:855-418-4285


2. HD Channels

XFINITY TV listed 130 HD channels when using the zip code 19103 in Philadelphia, PA. XFINITY TV’s lineup is made up of popular networks such as Discovery HD, Disney HD, and CNN HD, but also includes niche channels such as G4techTV HD, RetroPlex HD (a Starz property), and 3D Events HD — networks not found service provider’s lineup.

DirecTV, with a consistent lineup nationwide, lists 166 HD channels including local high-definition networks on their website (although the company claims 190 full-time HD channels). DirecTV has several HD channels that XFINITY TV doesn’t have, including 3net, beIN SPORT (in English and Spanish), and MSG+. DirecTV also has the NFLSunday Ticket, a full access subscription plan exclusive to DirecTV.

Call DirecTV to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-249-1101


3. On Demand

Both providers offer plenty of On Demand options. And, the more premium networks you subscribe to the more free choices you’ll have. Comcast’s XFINITY TV has thousands of On Demand titles available in their the Comcast’s XFINITY On Demand™ library – some are free, while others cost .99 or higher to rent. Comcast’s XFINITY also has On Demand subscriptions, something I haven’t seen with DirecTV. The subscriptions allow you to access On Demand collections such as Disney Family Movies, WWE Classics, Bollywood Hits On Demand, Filipino On Demand and Howard Stern. And, the XFINITY Streampix® service gives you access to full seasons of TV shows and movies. (See more in the TV Everywhere section.) But those subscriptions cost more, ranging from $5.99 to $12.99 per month each, provided you have internet service for access to the On Demand library.

DirecTV claims their On Demand library consists of over 10,000 titles. Like XFINITY TV, some titles are free while others are available with premium channel subscriptions. And of course, DirecTV has plenty of On Demand titles to rent, provided you have internet service for access to the On Demand library.

Call XFINITY to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-418-4285


4. Equipment

XFINITY‘s top-of-the-line X1 HD DVR and X1 Platform (not available in all markets) records up to four shows at the same time while watching a fifth program simultaneously. The Comcast’s XFINITY TV DVR contains a 500GB hard drive to store up to 300 hours of SD or 60 hours of HD programming. You can hook up other TVs to your service by adding additional HD DVRs ($17.95 per month each box), or basic HD receivers ($9.95 per month each box).

DirecTV’s top-of-the-line Genie product with 1TB hard drive gives you enough room to store approximately 150 hours of HD, or about 400 hours of SD. With Genie you can record 5 shows at the same time, and watch two channels at once with Picture-in-Picture. The Genie Mini client box is for connecting additional TVs in your house to the main Genie box. DirecTV also has the standard DIRECTV Plus HD DVR that matches XFINITY’s HD DVR 500GB storage space. DirecTV calculates their box has enough room for about 75 hours of high-definition or 200 hours of standard-definition content.

Call DirecTV to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-249-1101


5. TV Anywhere

XFINITY from Comcast cloud-based X1 platform lets you watch live and recorded programming on multiple devices throughout your home. The platform features user recommendations, recently watched, and on-screen Go apps. Mobile devices can also be turned into remote controls with the XFINITY X1 Remote App for iOS, and voice commands can also be used to interact with the guide. In addition, the XFINITY TV Go App for both iOS and Android allows you to schedule DVR recordings remotely while you’re away from home. The platform is available in 27 of XFINITY TV markets, and Comcast says they’ll be available in all markets by the end of the year.

For viewing outside your home, the XFINITY On Demand service provides access to TV shows and movies via the web URL, or on your tablet or smartphone via the XFINITY TV Go app. You can also enjoy hit movies on your TV or mobile device with XFINITY Streampix®. The service is subscription based On Demand video streaming similar to Netflix or Hulu.

With DirecTV Everywhere you can watch live, recorded, and On Demand TV content on your tablet or smartphone at home. The DirecTV app for mobile devices offers remote browsing, viewing and DVR scheduling. With the GenieGO product connected to your HD DVR you can also transfer shows to your PC, tablet or smartphone for watching anywhere without an internet connection. In terms of streaming live TV to your PC, DirecTV does not offer the service yet. However, may networks

Call XFINITY to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-418-4285


6. Service Contract Periods

Comcast’s XFINITY doesn’t require a long-term agreement. But, they do offer special promotional rates for customers who sign 2-year contracts. To give an example, Digital Starter with a 2-year contract is $99.99 for the first 12 months. Without a contract, that price expires in 12 months. XFINITY’s Limited Basic and Digital Economy plans don’t offer 2-year agreement promotions.

All of DirecTV’s promotions require a 2-year contract for new customers.

Call DirecTV to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-249-1101


7. Value Packages

With XFINITY, you can get a local channel service package called Limited Basic that provides at least 10 channels for $30.15 per month. The service might be a good option for someone who can’t get local channels over-the-air. XFINITY’s Digital Economy package offers over 45 channels (up to 50) and costs $19.99 – $39.95 per month. Both of those plans offer the channels in HD if you have the right equipment (which will cost more per month).

With DirecTV, you can get the Entertainment package that costs $29.99 per month for new customers with a 2-year agreement. The service provides over 140 digital channel options, with 50 broadcast in high-definition including locals. Promotions include $5-off the first 12 months of service, free HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax for three months, and a free Genie upgrade (although additional fees for equipment and services apply).

Call XFINITY to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-418-4285


8. Top-Tier Package

With over 200 digital channels including premium networks HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME® and STARZ®, Comcast’s XFINITY Digital Premier service is their top-tier TV package. What’s more, the service also includes the Sports Entertainment Package with NFL RedZone. Digital Premier costs $99.99 per month for the first 12 months. (After the promotional period, Digital Premier ranges from $98 to $140 per month depending on market area.) Other optional add-ons include the Streampix subscriptions mentioned above and the Spanish-language Package offered for $9.99 per month.

The Premier package from DirecTV includes over 285 digital channels, premium channels HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax, TV anywhere (on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone), and over 35 specialty sports channels. You also get a Free Genie HD DVR upgrade (value $299), and one free Genie Mini (value $99) for connecting an additional TV to your main Genie HD DVR. Those two units are included in the monthly service cost. DirecTV Premier costs $124.99 per month. (New customers who sign a 2-year agreement can get the first 12 months at $86.99 per month and months 13-24 at $91.99 per month.) Additional fees include $25 Advanced Receiver Service per month, and $6 per month for each TV used.

Call DirecTV to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-249-1101


9. Conclusion

DirecTV varies from XFINITY when you compare their equipment (the Genie HD DVR with optional Genie Minis) and number of HD channels. But the companies turn out pretty equal when it comes to On Demand choices, TV everywhere options, and service contracts. Watch for the X1 Entertainment Operating System® cloud-based platform, which may equalize the playing fields, or potentially give XFINITY the edge if the platform offers unlimited recording abilities in the cloud. Because sometimes, 1TB is just not enough.

Call XFINITY to Speak to a Representative Directly: 855-418-4285


Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. Where is the comparison of the WiFi upload/download Mbps rate & signal strength as well as picture quality???

    I have been a 25 yr customer with Comcast with a low opinion; poor service (on and off intermittent issues with no resolutions), even poor customer service (they now have you text issues so as to not have to speak directly with angry customers…), continual rate hikes…

    In my opinion, all these large carriers are the same, poor at customer service because who really cares? Good (or what they think is good) is good enough. Choices are limited and breakage is expected. The old adage exists for a reason… “the grass on the other side of the fence IS NOT greener, it is just another shade of green”…

  2. Had AT&T for years and really liked it. Then they bought out Direct TV and in order to get a good deal, I signed up with Direct TV for a 2 year contract at $135.00 a month. They don’t tell you when the contract ends and I just received my bill and they went up $52.00!! When I called, I was told that unfortunately they couldn’t do anything for me unless I wanted to downsize which I had already done 2 years previously. I am so angry. Looking into alternatives. I will never use Direct TV again.

  3. I have been a DTV customer for the over 20 years. I bought it when it first came out. They have not been the most honest company I’ve dealt with. There was a box made by Microsoft that was great. They killed it and made you by new boxes.
    They offer a discount in an upgrade to the system. The Genies often lose sound and a movie on streaming seldom makes it to the end.
    My house was hit by a storm and I believe the dish moved. I called them to come out and they sent a tech. I have a two story colonial. The tech called his supervisor and they had to reschedule because it wasn’t safe. As someone who has worked in high rises for 30 years I don’t see a problem with 30’. Why would you send a tech to work in a roof if he is afraid of heights?
    I see a decline since AT&T so I will be buying puts for next fall and really think it will make me a lot of money.

  4. I’ve had DirecTV for the past 8 years, and really enjoy it, especially the large number of HD channels. Storms can briefly interrupt service. There are (2) issues I have with them:

    1). They will not allow upgrading for my receivers and DVR.
    2). No NBC feed! There is an annoying message about visiting a website for their struggle! NP, AT&T and Directv both do not broadcast NBC channels because of a major lawsuit over money.

    They need to quickly resolve the dispute or I switch out of spite

  5. I am thinking about switching from Comcast to DirecTV. The contract is coming up next month. When I signed up with Comcast; they assured me that the WiFi works well in the house. I need to work at home and have home office and need the Wifi. However, I found out that the Wifi service only reach in a very small area. The customer service assured me that I was lying. They sent someone to my home with a charge of $90 to check and of course; nothing changed. I called customer service again and they said they only guarantee the line to outside the house. As long as the line has service; it is not their fault. They told me to work next to the wifi router which does not work for my business. I had to keep my wifi service with AT&T in order to be able to work at home. Their customer service is SO BAD. I am checking this website because I want to make sure DirecTV is ok.

    1. IC, i could save you a lot of time and headache and just suggest that you purchase a separate router and plug it into the Comcast modem/router. While I can’t make any guarantees, I too work from home on occasion and struggled to get a good, consistent down speed from their stock router/modem. I then upgraded to the Linksys AC1900 (it used to be our #1 router) and saw a MASSIVE difference in not only down and upload speeds, but in range throughout my home. I know spending over $100 on a router might strike you as a lot, but I can assure you this will make a difference and pay off almost immediately. If you want to make sure Comcast is promising the speeds they say they’re delivering, get a computer that can plug into the router/mondem’s Ethernet port and perform a speed test. If that’s up to snuff, than your bottle neck is the Comcast router.

      Some resources for you:

    2. I am extremely sorry for any inconveniences you may have had, but I️ would be more than happy in assisting you with your transition to directv

  6. No mention of picture quality? Seems like that should have been covered as a key component of the comparison

  7. I recently switched from Directv to Xfinity. Something else to consider in the comparison. With Directv, we used the Fox Sports Go APP to watch Indiana Pacer Games. Just found out today that Xfinity does not have an agreement to provide a lot of Regional Sports Programming on Fox Sports Go APP. Directv I could watch the Pacers on the APP and Xfinity I can’t at this time.

    Wish I would have known that at the time.

    1. I have had both directtv and xfinity and I think direct tv has been the best in all areas. I am currently with xfinity because directtv got too expensive, but since we changed over we have had nothing but trouble with the equipment, customer service, and being over charged on our bill every month. Not a fan of xfinity. Please read the reviews for xfinity before you decide to buy their service. If I were you, I would switch back to directtv. I hope directtv has not changed since at&t took over or we won’t have any options.

  8. I am thinking of switching from Comcast to Direct TV because they offer unlimited GB for your IPAD. I have grandkids that are GB hogs, but would love them to “hog it up, ” if it didn’t cost me a fortune.
    Supposedly you get unlimited GB for your IPad if you have Direct Tv.
    Can anyone address this point?

    1. Judith, who is your current Internet provider? Would you be switching away from them and using one of DirecTV’s recommended services/bundles? My immediate concern, beyond the provider, is whether or not the DirecTV relationship, if there is such one in your area, can provide adequate bandwidth to allow your grandkids to stream without interruption. Don’t get suckered into DSL – you’ll likely want fiber or cable.

  9. I’ve had Directv for 15 years & have never lost TV reception for more than a few seconds once or twice a year when there is a solar flare. I will never go back to cable because my neighbors always experience outages. I live in an area where we have power outages that last 1-5 days and during that time I can’t connect to the internet because broadband service always goes out when the power goes out. We purchased a whole house generator and I just assumed that after we got it that I’d be able to connect to the internet during power outages, but boy was I wrong. Whenever we have a power outage,Comcast Xfinity has an outage – so now way would I ever consider using Comcast again for TV. Thanks to our generator and Directv, we never lose TV reception. FYI – I purchased a Verizon WIFI hotspot to help solve my internet problem during power outages. It provides internet for all our devices whenever the power goes out.

  10. I think we can all agree that cable/satellite TV is a huge pain in the a$$ besides being a rip-off! These companies need to come under some kind of government control that can’t be persuaded by money (yeah I know I’m a dreamer). I’m currently, and for the last 15+ years, a disgruntled Comcrap customer.
    They have me by the short hairs due to the fact that I can’t get anything close to “high speed” internet unless I use them. I drop the tv/internet bundle and my internet bill gets ridiculous. Every other month I have to speak with a customer service rep because they’ve jacked up my bill 5-10 dollars or something else like charging me rent on my own modem I had been using for the previous 2 years. This month I have to have the rent for the little converter box I returned 2 months ago removed from my bill.
    I live in the Chicago area (outside the blackout radius) and being a Cubs fan that would like to see his team break a century of drought from the World Series but I’m unable to watch most of the games in HD and can’t get a straight answer why.
    I grew up watching 3 channels (4 if you positioned the antenna JUST right). I often miss this simplicity.
    Rant terminated.

    1. People that think that government can regulate and solve all our problems will end up losing their freedom for all! . Competition in the market place will sort everything out given enough time. Money talks and BS walks. Please leave the government out of our TV business!! People like you don’t have a clue and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.!!!!

      1. Actually deregulation of both cable and airline services has ledt to giant monopolies…at one time there were hundreds of cable companies in various areas…de-regulation made it easier for the big boys to conspire together to gobble upthe little guys and to set rates as high as they like. De-regulation has led to a decline in competition in cable tv and in everything else we have ever de-regulated

        1. I don’t recall hundreds of other options for cable. I do agree that there is a monopoly and that they all seem to conspire together.

  11. You failed to mentioned XFINITY, carries more than doubled amount of local channels on any package. And on any city. Direct TV only carries the main channel of every local TV station.

    1. You must work for xfinity, because who needs 100 channels of unwatchable, uninteresting content. I have to watch news all the time because reality tv has taken over and I find it disturbing. What has happened to television??????

    1. if you have direct tv the internet provider is AT&T. AT&T spent $52 billion to purchase and repair their equipment for costumers to never lose connection again like it once was. They are giving 99.9 % customer guarantee that they will not miss more than 1 minute of system failure opposed to Comtrash that will have down time any time it rains,wind or disgruntle children hit the satellite. The best part of having internet with AT&T is that i uses fiber optics that goes straight to your home without interference of your neighbors. You get what you pay for while comtrash uses a pool with your neighbors banwich so our perfect neighbors are able to hack onto your server without you knowing and eatting your high speed internet. if you want privacy in your internet go with AT&T if you like sharing your internet speed go with comtrash

  12. To me, its less about Comcast vs DirectTV and more about cable/satellite vs other providers. When it comes down to it the cable and dish companies basically have the same model … bundle channels together that most people don’t care about and then charge an exorbitant fee. I am also starting see more and more stripping of on-demand content (here, enjoy episodes 4 and 7 of season 4 of show XYZ – how in the hell can I even get into a show if you wont give me access to the first episode), continued increases in valuation of on-demand content (a higher percentage of content now is available for a fee …. seriously $3 for an episode of a 22-minute show? How much is Netflix for one entire month??), and playing games with customers with the fast forward so you MUST watch commercials. When you think about all this and compare it to Amazon/Hulu/Netflix and their prices, its almost a joke. With over-the-top offerings like HBONOW, I can have access to almost anything I want without having to spending time in the prison shower with the cable/satellite companies … I just don’t see how they can continue to survive … maybe people just aren’t paying attention in sufficient numbers?

  13. I had DirecTV for 6 years. The customer service was nice anytime I had a problem with my bill they fixed it. Usually all I had to do was talk about leaving or closing my account and they will give you extras at no charge. I think DirecTV equipment offers more options than Comcast. Getting Comcast installed as a huge headache and made me not want to use them from the jump. Comcast customer service says they’ll call you back and never do. Once installed haven’t had many issues with Comcast but not a big fan of their equipment. Personally I think you’re screwed no matter which company you go with one way or another.

  14. ooh, here’s a very important point that you neglected…direct tv JACKS UP your bill tremendously after the promotional period is over. There are so many charges that your head will spin. Dude, by the time the two years are over, it would have been cheaper for you to start your own satellite company. Comcast and Dish don’t do that. I’ve tried all three of them and i can tell you that I will NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR get direct tv again. Did I mention NEVER EVER

      1. thats why they are in a $100 million lawsuit for their lack of customer service and rising rates. ( look it up its all over the internet). why do you think they changed their name from comcast to Xfinity right after the lawsuit. i wouldnt trust them.

    1. Yeah, but after that two years is up you can cancel the service. Unless there is something I am missing here.

    2. You are so wrong! Xfinity has jacked up my price 3 to 4 times in the two years that I’ve been with them and I had a 3year agreement where it should have gone up $25 per year…NOT! It has already exceeded the total 3year agreement; I had to call and negotiate (drop some things) in order for my bill to get back to what it claimed I would be paying. Fortunately I am not under contract so I can leave at any time. :)

    3. My side is still hurting from the lol’s going on here after reading your comments. Thanks Dude! I too am making the switch from In-Direct TV to Xfinity. Wish me luck!

  15. I cannot stand Comcast. I am considering switching to Direct TV. Whenever I call I am put on hold for several minutes and do not have my issues resolved. My Comcast bill continues to rise….it is ridiculous. I now pay over 200.00 per month for cable with a bundle and this is the lowest rate according to Comcast. I am switching to Direct TV!

    1. I too have had problems and trust issues with Comcast, they constantly screw up your bill, will tell you what you want to hear, then when you have a beef, the original Customer service who supposedly taken care of a problem, Comcast claims that person is not w them anymore, they don’t recognize the name etc!
      Then they lie and decide ou trying to convince you that for a mere $7.00 more a month, you can get a home security system installed, and they promise you all these extras, then when they come out to install, it’s not in their installation orders!!!
      And in order to have TV service in more than one room (Which we used to have) you must have a digital box in each room, which of course cost more per box, even though originally again they lied to you to get you to agree to the main digital box. So we went from having tv service in 4 rooms, to digital service in 1 room only. But we can get a box for each room…..+$$$ per month!
      Finally a direct TV rep bumped into us at Menards, and they offered tv service in 4 rooms, for less than Comcast! Plus a gift certif at Menards, and 4-5 months of free SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, and 1or 2 others! And hundreds if other channels!
      Each room has a DVR installed to record any shows to watch later at NO extra charge. Direct TV Customer Service seems to be Top Notch.

      1. I got this same deal. I am a little wary of it. I hope it works out well. But I have heard horror stories of underline charges that they did not explain to their customers.

    2. Direct Tv did the same to me , paying over $220 month bundled even after dropping from ultra to Extra, dropping 1 tv to save per month. Like Dtv but can’t afford them with charges rising each bill.

    3. I just did this. My bill went up from $148 to $167 after a ‘free’ upgrade to X1 and in the past two months, another $24/mo for two months (to $215!!!!/mo). I am done. Switched back to DirecTV/AT&T/CenturyLink on a 2-year contract. We’ll see how much I save but I will switch again in two years if the costs go up like Comcast’s!

  16. Been with COMCAST over 25 years, but more displeased every year. Local personnel are intelligent, professional and helpful BUT services are missing. Have twice had lines down in a field away from the house. The power company gets power restored in less than 3 hours, telephone company in 3 days, and COMCAST makes a “guaranteed” appointment 6 days off. When they do show up, it’s a rep who has come in an SUV to make an indoors equipment check. The rep does, however, apologize for COMCAST procedures and makes a direct call to a lineman buddy to come by the same day and get the line back up in less than an hour after I show him where its lying.

    After two upgrades, I now have to use 3 remotes to turn on my TV, and am no longer able to use my DVD recorder. Internet service is excellent, but have to use a VERIZON MiFi when the lines are down.

  17. I have cable because I get internet and cable through Comcast. Direct TV does not offer internet services so I get a discount by bundling cable and internet. I have all of my own equipment. My own router my own TIVO I save money with cable by bundling and not having to pay any equipment fees each month. PLUS the dish is ugly. I had one bad experience years ago with a dish being on the roof of my apartment in January in Chicago. I lost the picture during a winter snow storm and was without service for two weeks. We the maintenance guy came to fix it I cancelled the service and went back to cable (sorry Rob Lowe)

  18. This article claims a tie for on-demand service, really? On-demand at Comcast means you push the On-demand button and browse & start anything available and it comes through the cable modem. On-demand at Drectv means you have to buy a DVR to get access to even browse what’s available “on-demand” and then record it and then watch it from your DVR. I don’t want to record anything. I want to watch cable programming on my TV on-demand.

    1. Incorrect, unless you lack high speed internet. It streams real time just fine on my setup and brings the show or movie up instantly. The integration is far easier to use than Comcast as well. This review also failed to mention that extended channels of premium services like HBO, showtime and stars are standard def as are other channels like Bein Sports which in 2016 is completely ridiculous.

    1. What do you think about Direct TV? They also got those outsource from the Philippines, in fact all of them do! Due to large volume of call, overflows goes to the Philippines.

  19. What I hate most about Comcast is the approximately 800 channels including Latino, certain sports and music and religious channels etc etc. that I never EVER watch. Yet I am forced to pay top dollar for each month….NOT A GOOD THING.
    Why can’t I customize my own package? This may be in the works, but it…can’t happen soon enough for me.

    1. Direct TV and dish and every other cable provider does the same. The networks determine what stations get bundled at what price, hence forth why dish and direct were in contract tension sign fox

  20. I’m considering cutting cable completely! Why pay to watch commercials more than programming? The original selling point was commercial free programming. With the internet you really don’t need TV.

    1. If cable ando satellite TV stop the networks will start to charge for commercial fees on the Internet to recap the money they lost and internet providers what you buy the cable companies will start to charge more for my lost from not generating from cable hence you always paid the same

  21. I don’t know what you’re all talking about. I switched from Comcast to directv a year and a half ago and am about to switch back. I have never experienced a more horrific excuse for customer service in my life than I have with directv. 3 different times they charged me more or unexpectedly and every time I had to spend hours over several days on the phone to get a refund that wouldl take weeks. The genie stopped working after 6 months and I had to wait 2 and a half weeks – not for them to come fix it, they didn’t, for a new one to come in the mail, that I had to install, and pay for, as they only have a 6 month warranty AND they wouldn’t even give me credit for the loss of service all that time. I had every channel and they said I could go through a long complicated process to request credit that would be a few dollars a week. I’m on a 2 year contract and after a year it went up to about 180 a month – just for tv. I could be paying $100 less a month with Comcast for their premier package – I talked to them yesterday, that would be good for a year and then go up $20, no contract. Right now I don’t have tv because I set up a “late pay’ on their system online – I get paid tomorrow, which was 3 days later – I got an email and everything saying it was approved and service would not be interrupted. But it was anyway and you can’t talk to them on the phone if service is interrupted until you pay so I could only email. Their first response was that I had done the extension too late, stating I had done it a day later than I did. I replied saying it was a day earlier and it was approved, they never answered. I apologize for the rant, but do not understand how anyone can say directv has acceptable customer service. Right now I would gladly pay more for less just to avoid ever having to deal with them again.

    1. I agree with you i worked for comcast for a year in billing department beleive me comcast is shit they told us to help customers but whit rukes and a system made for helping comcast and forgetting about customer (sorry for the hold all callcenters that manage comcast have terrible slow systems) also the prices were very high a lot of taxes and special fees and in all bundles the initial price is jut for a year and the second year price is a lot higher

  22. all of you are just haters towards Comcast i don’t see how anyone would want to use satellite considering it wont work in very snowy weather or high winds which can know down branches on it and i live in the mountains which has to deal with this weather if it weren’t for Comcast i wouldn’t be able to use the services provided also Comcast is faster

      1. “when it is raining you can just use standard definition and it work dummy”

        Really?? Please get your parent’s permission before you post.

    1. I think you need to ask permission before posting, too. Try looking at Comcast’s communications system, genius. I’ll give you a hint…. it’s SATELLITE!

      1. Though comcast does use a giant array of satellites, they are all positioned in Denver so that there’s least amount of interference as opposed to people with DirecTV or dish you have any trees or bad weather it goes out.

    2. I have Directv and I have never lost service during a heavy snow storm or windy day. I have lost service during a heavy rain storm and was restored as soon as the rain let up. As far as Comcast I had Comcast cable tv and my bills kept going up every 2 to 3 months until it was almost $300 for just tv, internet and phone when my bill was supposed to be $150 a month. I switched to Directv to get the Sunday NFL Ticket which I am happy with so that I can watch my favorite teams that the local channels don’t show and or blackout.

      1. Very sadly, I just learned that Direct TV Regional Sports Package does not include the PAC12 network. Just SEC. They lost me right there. Go DUCKS!

  23. ComCast SUCKS!! They are trying to become a monopoly because THEY KNOW THEY SUCK! That way, people will have no choice but to obtain sucky Comcast services.


      1. you must live in a really terrible area because Comcast offers internet, tv, phone and home security… what does Directv offer? 800 usable channels. Also Comcast had on demand Directv doesn’t. which cause a lot of problems if you miss your show.

        1. Apparently you don’t know much about Directv. They also have on-demand, but not like Comcast. With Directv, you have to have a certain box & “high-speed” internet.

          1. Direct has on delay, so you’re going to have to have comcast Internet to down load it, or slow century link

      2. No, we have had Direct TV for years and let me tell you, when we first got them we needed to call customer service for some help and we went thru spent so much time literally hours and days trying to get some one to come out and look at our stuff. It was such a headache. My wife finally look thru the internet actually yellow page and found someone who was an independent contractor who knew how to fix our problem and came out after days trying to call someone in customer service. And they were going to charge us these high prices to just come out and it end up only costing us $50 for this other guys help. Yes when you sign up they tell you all this stuff that you are completely lost about what they are saying and it sounds so good. But, afterwards if you need their service, forget it! And now our rates just keep going up and up.

  24. Comcast is HORRRIBLE. I have been with them for 5 years. They raised my bill without telling me to $176.00!!! I have the triple play package (cable,phone,internet), but you would THINK I have EVERY channel with that price! I am now in the process of switching to Directv. Comcast’s customer service is awful. They will “accidentally” shut your services off too early, promise not to charge you a reconnection fee, and then CHARGE YOU A RECONNECTION FEE! They will shut you off, no notice. Forget getting help with technical issues. It took me 2 hours and 5 reps one day just to provide me my internet service network key (which turned out to be located on the bottom of the modem. Lol) All in all, the only thing they really know how to do efficiently is collect a payment. I have no problem running to sign a contract, just for a peace of mind.

    1. 170 for three services and equipment not bad inpatient 125 for just direct and another 90 for century link. And comcast has 4.times the speed on internet

    2. Same thing happened to me. They just cut me off after we had paid in advance and for no reason. Two weeks into the monthly service period, they just cut their service off. Money waisted.

  25. DirectTv shut my service off because I accidentally underpaid a bill by $35. I’m a very loyal and 15-years long customer. I underpaid the bill accidentally because they don’t actually send me a bill so I was guessing the amount based off of every other previous bill’s payment. I had previously requested they email the bills to me and this was not executed. This is the second time this has happened. The “retention” rep told me that if I don’t see a bill from them around the middle of the month then I should call them. This was at least more helpful than the basic customer service rep who seemed to think we were on “autopay” on a credit card that was over 1 year expired despite my constant explanation that I had been manually sending them payments via my Morgan Stanley bill pay each month for over a year.

    I’m pretty annoyed. This is terrible service to a loyal customer. And they really did not seem to care at all when I called tonight.

    Is Comcast really that bad? I think I might need to try them. I’m just tired of the always random issues with DirectTv where they regrettably blame the customer. And yes, if its windy or rainy, you will lose your content or randomly have things not record.

  26. I have had DirecTV for over 10 years and have the top wack equiment. Genie, GenieMini, HDDVR et al. They really have a lot of HD channels. Today I decided to investigate Comcast because I have their Blast for internet and it is very fast and constant. After 4 hours with reps et al I still cant get the HD receiver to work. Reps online and on the phone don’t seem to have a clue. Tomorrow I go back to the store to change the receiver. Very bad start Comcast. One more thing about DirecTV. They have the $20 a month equipment warranty that covers all your equipment. They just replaced my 55″ LED TV with a brand new one. Way to go DirecTV. The rain loss of signal thing is very very rare.

    1. Are you trying to connect your Comcast cable box to the same coaxial outlet that your Direct Tv box was connected to? If so, it wont work unless the cable running to that outlet was detached from the Direct Tv ground block and attached to an active Comcast ground block or splitter.

  27. Comcast is the worst. Every few months, they change your service and charge you higher cost for less channels. Have been dealing with them for years and I’m done. Switched over to DirectTV tonight due being told by a Comcast customer rep that they were changing their service on my account since I’m on the economy package, I will not receiving HD and higher channels and as of April 14. I pay $65.00 a month. so what do I get for this $65.00 is 25 non-HD channels. I have the economy package, but, Comcast charges for all equipment, even the remote, HD, and many fees that you end up paying at the next tier and it’s not economy at all. I’m done, and switching to DirectTV!

    1. They don’t charge for remotes if u see a remote charge its.because u requested a new one and didn’t return the old one

    2. If your so upset with Comcast
      why don’t you send an e-mail to the CEO. His information is on
      line. I have and he is quick to
      respond. My one complaint is I pay for the Disney channel but I have to pay an extra charge for Disney movies.

  28. Comcast is just SOOOOO bad on the customer service…they lie, cheat and steal….no service and when they do show up they send “temps” (after making you wait for them …forcing singles to lose out on going to the office)….its just mind boggling. Just so disappointed in them. Shorting the stock and moving to Direct TV.

  29. I love my directv i have had this in my home for over 11 years and would recommoneend directv to anyone.and you have nothing to worry about with weather i have had alot of snow this winter and didn’t need to call directv or anything. I will never go back to comcast.i love my directv!! And i also have 2 small children and it is s also great for them my six year old records all of her own shows. She loves Disney!! And we never have a problem with customer service!!

  30. I have been a Comcast customer for a long time in Michigan although I have Direct tv at our West Virginia home. I haven’t considered changing Michigan to Direct tv in Michigan until tonight when I tried to contact Comcast customer service to change packages. I noticed that they had a bundled packaged advertized that was $50./mo. less than I’m currently paying with more channels so I called to change. After a 5 minute wait and verifying identity, I explained what I wanted and was told I had to talk to customer loyalty representatives, whereupon I was put back in waiting for ten minutes, explained it again and after 5 minutes of the new rep’s working on it, was suddenly disconnected with no way to get back to that rep. He didn’t call back although he had my account info. I started again and exactly the same thing happened but with longer waits. I spent an hour with no result whatsoever. I’m investigating Direct tv tomorrow, although I hate going through the bother of a change. But now I’m aggravated.

    1. I have been disconnected from Comcast on a few occasions and never received a call back either. It was exhausting having to wait through prompts, having to repeat and repeat again my personal information and issue as if my previous calls had never been made.
      Frustrating and insane.

      1. Standard practice with Comcast miscreants. When the are unable to deal with your question or problem, they just hang up and quietly slink away. Has happened to me s number of times over the past 20 years that I have been with them for cable. Currently on Directv for television.

    2. Only new customers to Comcast get those deals. Not current customers. That’s how they lure idioits in that don’t read the bottom of the screen or just ask…what will the price be after 1 year, 2 year. Those people then hate Comcast for raising the price. BECAUSE THERE IDIOTS. Referring to just some people on this site.

  31. I had to switch from DirecTV to Comcast when I moved. It was terrible. DirecTV is light years ahead in user interface. Comcast’s interface is clunky, awkward, and slow. It takes multiple screens just to set up a series recording. Horrific.

  32. Comcast squeezes you at the lower rate tiers. Not one single sports station or entertainment channel at the lower end, not even Discovery or History channels, or Food Network. 10 HD channels for 30 bucks, the ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Weather channel and a few other basics. Now they formed a cable monopoly with Time Warner so people will get squeezed more to pay more for less, which is why I am about to switch to Directv!!!

    1. No, You will only lose Directv service in SEVERE cloud cover. ie: you walk outside and look at the sky when its noon and it is black as midnight. Aside from that, depending what weather is like where you are, other factors to consider are snow/ ice accumulation on the dish and damage to the dish due to hail. The latter is quite rare.

      1. With Comcast, lightening can strike 15 miles away and doesn’t even have to hit a wire, cable service can be lost for an hour or more for an ENTIRE AREA. This has happened here several times a month. When I had Direct TV satellite, I lost service for about 5 minutes three times in a whole year due to heavy rain downpours. I have found satellite service to be more reliable than cable not to mention other benefits, plus , satellite is slightly less expensive.

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