The best tools perform several functions and are used daily.

There are a lot of good multi-tools and survival gadgets out there, but even the best ones tend to be missing some important tools. Others have great tools but just not in the combination that you need for everyday use. COMBAR changes all of that and will make sure that you are prepared for anything. If this multitool isn’t enough for your garden beds, you might need to read our RYOBI 24V Trimmer review too.

Everything You Need in One Tool

This heavy-duty super-tool has a hammer, axe, and a spade built into the body, plus a handy magazine insert in the handle that lets you customize things and carry more. The PRO kit even comes with an additional knife and saw that replace the magazine in the handle. This is a multi-tool that gets things done. With this multitool, all you will be missing from your collection is the best torque wrench.

The hammer will easily pound tent pegs and wooden stakes. It has a pattern that allows for traction and friction which helps with tasks like hammering bark to create strips of fiber for fire starting for instance. The axe is made to both split and chop, while the spade will dig ditches, firepit, or dig out your vehicles’ wheels. If this multitool isn’t enough, give the RIDGID X4 5 piece combo review a read too. Compare this multitool with our review of how the Kershaw Select fire combines a knife and a screwdriver.

I told you that this tool changes everything. COMBAR is obviously versatile for sure and despite packing in all 5 of those useful tools, it weighs only 3.2 pounds. It’s also durable and if you had any doubt, the full lifetime warranty should put those doubts to rest.

COMBAR Heavy-Duty Multi-Tool
COMBAR is atoll like no other.

Designed to Last a Lifetime

The design team behind COMBAR made sure that they paid careful attention to every detail. Hundreds of field tests in extreme conditions made sure that this tool was amazingly durable. It will be with you for life. COMBAR is made of aircraft aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel, so this is one tough multi-tool.

How many other multi-tools even have safety features? The COMBAR goes out of its way to make sure that you are safe. It features a locking mechanism and all of the blades are tucked safely away. And just in case you still aren’t sold on its credentials, it was developed according to US Mil-Spec standards.

Things only get better when you opt for the Pro version with the knife and saw. It’s pretty hard to imagine any other multi-tool being this useful in the field.

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