Colin Forze Is Crazier Than His Scooter

When I first caught wind of Colin Furze’s super-fast mobility scooter, it was simply supposed to be the fastest scooter on earth. If you think there’s still some time before your little ones graduate to something like this, then, for them, consider the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter – Best Electric Scooter For Beginners.

After the tiniest bit of googling, and some helpful comments, turns out he’s invented two scooters, one of them fast, the other boasting a flamethrower attached to its back, and Colin Furze got arrested for taking this death scooter for a spin on the actual, real-life, no-incendiary-devices-allowed.. road.

Furze is a 31 year old plumber and James Bond fan from Stamford, Lincolnshire, which by the sounds of it, is somewhere in England. Which is also where some other James Bond fan recently built a flamethrower bike. Clearly there is a need to stop making sequels for that franchise.

“It is quite scary when I’m driving it fast as the frame is pretty flimsy and designed for going along at slow speeds,” confessed Furze, who converted a mobility scooter which gets 8mph into this fuel hogging beast that hits 70mph at 10 miles per gallon. It was twin exhaust, 5 gears and a 124cc motorbike engine under the seat, which doesn’t belong there.

Only thing left for Colin to do is post a video of the flamethrowing scooter on Youtube and get into the Guinness World Records – which he’s planning on doing anyway. Oh wait, there IS a Youtube video.



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  1. Stories slightly wrong I'm afraid… it's two seperate vehicles. The Flame throwing Scooter and the Fastest Mobility Scooter. Bit more research needed I think!!

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