Coleman Camp Axe Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This Coleman Camp Ax is the best axe for lightweight outdoor tasks such as camping or chopping up kindling. The steel head will chop through thin (2″ diameter or less) pieces of wood with ease, although you will struggle with anything beyond that size. The head even has a notch built-in for removing the stakes that you hammered into the ground with the flat back of the head.

Why We Like It – Coleman Camp Axe

The Coleman Camp Axe is the perfect cheap but sturdy axe for camping, kindling, or the backyard. Its durable steel design will last for a long time under routine use, but you may want to keep an axe sharpener on hand for the best results!

  • Carbon Steel Axe Head Easily Cuts Through Wood
  • Flat Edge To Hammer Tent Stakes
  • Steel Head Has Notch To Help Pull Out Stakes
  • Not Suitable For Larger Wood
  • Needs To Be Sharpened Out Of The Box
  • Dulls Quickly


This camp axe isn’t the best for chopping wood with a substantial amount of girth, mainly due to its small size (for heavy-duty woodcutting tasks use Fiskars Super Splitting Axe). However, if all you need to do is chop up some kindling and maybe chop down a few (very) small trees then this will be perfect for you. This Coleman model makes stake driving and removal easy as well because of how the axe head is designed so it will be a great addition to your camping kit.


The design of this axe isn’t nearly as nice as the Husqvarna 26″ Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe, which has a steel head with a hickory handle. This axe is all steel except for the rubber no-slip handle. Unfortunately, this axe will need to be routinely sharpened for the best performance, but at least the stake-driving back of the head and bottom-of-the-head stake remover are maintenance-free! The heavy duty all-steel design of the Coleman Camp Axe means it leans a little on the heavier side for its size, but it still only weighs 1.81 lbs.


At only $9.99 plus free shipping, this axe is one of the cheapest axes around. Sure, for only $15 more you could get the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe, 27 Inch, which is a far more capable tool than the Coleman Axe. But for small tasks like camping this axe is the perfect tool (it can drive and remove stakes in addition to chopping wood!). There are sacrifices that have to be made for a product at this price, mainly the fact that you will need to constantly resharpen this thing, but that should be expected at this price point.

Coleman Camp Axe Wrap Up

If you only need an axe for camping or just want something to show off to your friends, then the Coleman Camp Axe is a worthwhile purchase. This axe is perfect for small wood such as kindling but is quickly outclassed by other models when used for larger, thicker wood. Still, at approx. $10 you can’t expect peak performance, so for the price (and size) this product works great.

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