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Finding the best grills could pose a bit of a challenge considering there are so many out there. But if you’re looking for the best propane grill, specifically a portable one, why not try your luck with the Coleman 225 propane gas grill. With its ease of use and power, it should serve a family or a group of cottaging friends without issue!

Why We Like It – Coleman 225 Gas Grill

The Coleman 225 Gas Grill is a nifty little portable grill that is capable of searing your meat, fish, and veggies to perfection thanks to its powerful heating capabilities and can also serve a family of four thanks to its larger-than-average cooking area for a grill of its size. Since it’s such a large grill, you’ll want to learn about mastering a gas grill.

  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Porcelain-Coated Cast-Iron Grills
  • Two Adjustable Burners
  • Griddle and Stove Grates Sold Separately
  • Heavy
  • Propane Tank Sold Separately


The Coleman Grill has a range of grilling power from 2,500BTUs on the low end to 11,000 BTUs on the high end. It’s a top-rated small gas grill, so while these numbers don’t look good on the surface, they are when you consider this fact. You’ll still be able to sear perfect meat, fish, and vegetables. But if you do want something more powerful, but not as portable, check out the Blackstone 36 Stainless Steel Griddle or the Coyote S Series grill.


The Coleman Portable Propane gas grill has a cooking surface of about 225 square feet. Again, because it’s a portable standing grill, it’s not going to have as big of a grilling area. It has the same amount of grilling space as the Weber Q1200. The Q1200 may have just a little bit more, but the Coleman 225 should still be able to feed a hungry family without issue. You can switch the cooking tops with a griddle or stove grate, but these accessories are sold separately. That versatility will make this grill one of the best tailgate grill options.


Unlike the Coleman Fold N Go propane grill, one of the downsides to the Coleman 225 is that it weighs a solid 28 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a barbecue that’s supposed to be portable. It doesn’t weigh as much as the Weber Spirit II, a full barbecue, but it’s closer than it should be. However, the lid does lock for more secure transport, which is somewhat rare if you can believe it, so we at least welcome that. That said, another durable grill is the Char-griller Akorn Kamado, but it’s not portable.

Ease of Use

The Coleman 225 comes fully assembled, so you can take it right out of the box and start grilling. This is unlike the grill in our Weber Summit S-670 review, as that one requires assembly. Well, almost. With the propane cylinder sold separately, you’ll have to go out and buy one first. But other than that, the grill is pretty simple to use. The cast iron grill is coated in porcelain, so it’s easy to clean, and the Instastart Ignition and the two adjustable burners help you achieve your desired cooking temperature.


The Coleman Grill comes in the color black and red. I know this is only two colors, but that’s still double what most other grills offer. The customer reviews on Amazon are good, with a 4.5/5 star rating based on 465 reviews, and the grill even comes with a three-year warranty. It may only be a limited warranty, but it’s still longer than most other warranties offered by grill companies.

Coleman 225 Gas Grill Wrap Up

The Coleman 225 is a heavy grill, no doubt about it, and it’s a little on the expensive side. I can understand if this would make you wary of the grill. But those who do decide to take the plunge will realize how durable it is, how powerful it is, and how efficient it can be at cooking your meals.