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Cold Steel Trail Boss Review

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When you need a tool that does the job right—no fancy gizmos, no tricks, just straightforward performance—the best axe for traditional use might just be the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe. Featuring a lightweight but strong American hickory handle, the 4.5-inch axe head can knock down trees, clear roadways or simply chop some kindling for a fire.

Why We Like It – Cold Steel Trail Boss

Fitted to an American hickory wood handle, the 4.5-inch cutting edge axe head is more than capable of tackling most jobs where an axe is necessary such as cutting down trees, kindling, and general use.

  • Extra weight adds to the power
  • 4.5-inch cutting edge
  • Good option as an all-purpose tool
  • Lacks hammer face
  • Lacks specialization


The Cold Steel Trail Boss markets itself as an “all-purpose” axe, and we certainly agree. Its performance made it ideal in most situations when camping, survival, outdoors or just cutting wood for the sake of firewood. For starters, its axe head is a wide 4.5-inch blade made of strong drop forged 1055 carbon steel. It has some hefty weight to it, which may feel strange to some, but that extra weight made it so that you don’t have to provide most of the power.


As good as it chops, the Cold Steel Trail Box Axe is missing one essential feature that an all-purpose axe should have: a hammer face. To be fair, there are two flat faces on both sides of the axe head, but we recommend you avoid using those as a makeshift hammer. You’re running the risk of damaging the axe or yourself, more importantly.

The Cold Steel Trail Boss might be all-purpose but we wish it would’ve specialized just a bit more than just an average axe, though its brother, the Hudson Bay, has that covered. Better yet, the Husqvarna 26 Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe has a dozen options.


What we really liked about the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe—other than its good performance—is, of course, the pricing. For just $25, this axe can be yours. When considered what it brings to the table as far as purpose, design and performance, we’d say you’re paying way under what it’s worth. It’s the ideal axe to have if you know you’ll be performing outdoor activities often enough to warrant an axe—especially if you aren’t experienced enough to handle a Fiskars Super Splitting Axe. For hatchers, the Coleman Camping Axe and Gransfors Bruks Forest Axe are great alternatives.

Cold Steel Trail Boss Wrap Up

The Cold Steel Trail Boss proved itself a good all-purpose axe for general use, though we wish it would’ve specialized just a tad more like a hammer face. The 4.5-inch axe head and extra weightiness lent itself useful when cutting in any situation. It’s affordable and will serve you well on any occasion.

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