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When you buy a new brewing machine, you may have to decide between a coffee maker vs pod coffee for your morning coffee. These two kitchen appliances provide differences in coffee taste, temperature, and freshness. In addition, your selected product depends on how much coffee you want to make at a time. However, the best coffee maker and pod coffee machine provide you with the coffee you want whenever you want it. If you like pour-over coffee, consider whether you want a coffee maker vs an electric kettle.


  • Coffee makers create the perfect drip brew for your coffee preferences, but they may not always taste or feel the same.
  • Pod coffee makers typically make a single serving size of espresso or specific brews sometimes reserved for a coffee shop, but brewing multiple cups requires multiple cycles.
  • Pod coffee makers require slightly less effort, and some beans are ground in their country of origin.

Differences Between Coffee Machines and Pod Coffee Makers

Coffee machines and coffee pods differ in a wide variety of characteristics, including taste and smoothness. For example, the two differ in ease of use and temperature settings. Additionally, the amount of coffee made spans one cup to a pot between the two, though most regular coffee makers brew a pot. However, each pot may taste different on a coffee machine, while every coffee pod provides greater consistency. If you want to experiment with different grinds, check out a coffee maker with a grinder vs a separate grinder.

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Pod coffee makers offer multiple temperature settings to suit your preferences.

Ease of Use

Coffee pods typically require less effort for making your coffee. First, you place the “pod,” which is a little cup, into the designated slot. Then, you put your coffee mug under the spout and brew your cup with high-speed efficiency. For some coffee pod makers, you need to add water as well.

To use a drip coffee maker, you need to measure your grounds, put them in their filter, and put the filter into its spot on the machine. Then, you put your urn under the spout and select your brew cycle, letting the machine do the work.

If you’re looking for more easy-to-use machines, you’ll want to check out the leading Keurig coffee makers and our comparison of Lavazza coffee machines over Nespresso.

Size and Amount

A traditional drip machine prepares multiple cups of coffee at a time. So if your family contains multiple coffee drinkers or you enjoy numerous cups at a time, the size of a drip coffee maker could be your ideal solution, though it offers a lower speed than its pod counterpart. The drawback results from the effect sitting have on coffee, and you might notice when your coffee has been sitting for longer.

On the other hand, coffee pods provide a quick process for making single servings. However, some consumers complain that pods make only small cups, meaning you may need multiple pods for larger tumblers. That said, if you need more coffee than you got, you’ll want to look into a coffee urn over a regular coffee maker.

Temperature Perfection

Many coffee pod machines allow you to select the perfect drinking temperature from multiple temperate settings. As a result, your coffee comes out how you want it, and you can add milk and drink it right away without waiting for it to cool.

Meanwhile, drip coffee machines typically brew coffee at the same temperature every time. Recently, some models have come out that enable temperature brewing options for warm or hot water. Since drip brewers have their own thermostats, many brew coffee at the “ideal” temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your delicious coffee hot.


According to Nespresso, coffee pods prevent oxidation while guaranteeing optimal freshness for every cup of coffee. These factors rely heavily on the material of the coffee pod and its preparation. For some coffee pods, the coffee becomes treated in its home country. So if you want a Swiss roast from your espresso machine, you can find consistency in strengths in pod coffee preparation.

Drip coffee makers require you to measure out the coffee grounds. Because of this factor, your product may make your coffee with differing tastes from day to day. If you accidentally put in more grounds than desired, you may have stronger coffee.


You have to measure the grounds each time you want to make coffee using a coffee maker, so consider a pod coffee maker if you want consistency.


How much does a pod coffee machine cost?

Pod coffee machines vary greatly in price, but they average $100-200.

Are coffee pods or ground coffee better?

Preference plays into the answer for this one. For example, some prefer freshly ground coffee, while others prefer the taste of coffee pods. To know which you prefer, try both and then decide which machine you want.

Is it cheaper to use coffee pods or beans?

It is typically cheaper in the long run to use ground coffee beans or even coffee beans that you grind yourself. Coffee pods usually come at a premium.

STAT: Nespresso’s hermetically sealed aluminum capsules are the optimal way to lock in freshness once the coffee is harvested and processed in its country of origin. (source)

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