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The Cocospy app is probably the only paid subscription-based app that has a real potential to be the Best GPS Tracker app. Apps like these aren’t usually worth installing or paying for. But once you use Cocospy, you’re definitely going to love all the features it comes with. And that also pretty much makes it one of the Best GPS Phone Tracker options available out there.

Why We Like It – Cocospy

Going by the rule of thumb, the spy apps that are not available to download directly from official sources aren’t that great, pretty much. But, the Cocospy monitoring app is one exception to that. Once you install it onto the target device, you get a considerable number of tracking options according to your subscribed plan.

  • Stealth mode
  • Excellent easy to navigate control panel
  • Cell phone geo fencing
  • Rooted devices aren’t supported


Just like having way too many things running in the background can hurt the performance of your device, if you’re using Cocospy and have too many tracking features enabled, that’ll degrade the performance of the target phone. That’s why we don’t really recommend turning on more than text messages tracking and a few other features simultaneously on the target device.


Once again, just like the performance, the battery life of the target phone will get degraded once you let this monitoring app run in the background. But the margin will entirely depend on the resource management of your target phone.

Ease Of Use

While the interface might not be as easy to navigate through as something like the FamilyTime Parental Controls & Screen Time App, it is still pretty good. Parental control options are easily manageable, and you can also control different things from the target device itself.


Personal data protection is not really something we can guarantee with the Cocospy app. And the Cocospy reviews also seem to be wary about that. The fact that you have to go through unofficial sources, instead of the Google Play Store or the App Store also doesn’t paint a pretty picture about the reliability of this spy app. If you’re someone who cares about their privacy, you should pretty much go for the Life360 GPS Tracker instead.


The Cocospy app comes with three different subscription options ranging from $9.99 per month to $69.99 per month (for family plans). So you always gotta make sure that you can afford to pay this much every month. But that is not the case with free apps (e.g., Glympse Monitoring App) that are literally downloadable from official sources.

Cocospy Wrap Up

All in all, the Cocospy app is not a bad monitoring app. But the paid subscription-based nature of it severely hurts its value overall.