There are people who casually enjoy board games. And then there are people who get really, really into it. It probably doesn’t take a detective to figure out who the Clue Luxury Edition is for, but it’s a gorgeous piece of work. If you want another game for family game night, take a look at our review of the Lord of Rings Monopoly set too.

Boddy of Evidence

First of all, yes, this is Clue, the board game better remembered for its cult movie adaptation that actually playing it. To be fair, the mechanics of the original Cluedo have been streamlined a bit since you likely last played it, although it’s still a… leisurely game, let’s say. But, yep, you’re still making players show cards and figuring out a murder. It’s just a question of how luxurious you are while doing it, and this game is really, really luxurious. And if you’re a lover of board games you will love our review on how the monopoly live board game kills dice and money, & institutes god-like tower computer.

Boddy Dimensions

This is something of an upgrade from the Premier Collector’s Edition, although they do share some of the same features. First of all, the board is all wood and glass, both to class up the joint and also to contain careful 3D replicas of each room from the original board game. And they are surprisingly exacting replicas, right down to the last detail. Needless to say, the same amount of attention has been lavished on pretty much every other piece in the game. The weapons, for example, are all die-cast and plated, and the same is true of the bottom of your player pieces. Even the cards and the storage box have been put together in such a way that you pretty much announce “Yes, I paid $200 for a board game” the minute you pull it out.

Boddy Heat


That said, it’s undeniably a gorgeous set and often, with these things, it’s about the tactile beauty of them; the care that went into the construction, the heft of the pieces as you slide them around the board. The only drawback is, this being Clue, you’ll have to be careful somebody doesn’t wind up hucking a piece through the board. It’s available now on Amazon.

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