CLUCI Wallet for Women Review

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Updated June 28, 2022
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While it’s easy to find most women with a handbag or purse, it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll find a woman with a wallet. This is because most handbags or purses already have enough pockets inside for them to store their more personal items, and a wallet would be redundant. On the flip side, having a wallet gives you the option of walking around with just a few of your most essential belongings, and some women find it quite worthwhile. If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in the CLUCI Wallet for Women. It can serve as your cardholder, coin holder or help you carry around your cash. Whether or not it’s one of the Best Cool Wallets is really up to you and what you prefer, but if you’re shopping around for the Best Coin Wallet, then it’s worth a look.

Why We Like It – CLUCI Wallet for Women

Priced at $23 with free shipping, the CLUCI Wallet for Women is a very simple yet elegant choice for any woman who prefers to walk around with something smaller than a handbag or a purse. The wallet has up to 14 card slots and is made of good quality faux leather material, making it very durable.

  • Up to 14 card slots
  • Up to 20 color choices
  • Buckle closure
  • No RFID blocking technology


Made of durable faux leather material, the CLUCI Wallet for Women screams quality from the first look. It also feels very soft to handle since it is finished with a polyurethane coating. This makes it reasonably resistant to water penetration. It’s a bifold wallet that has classic pale gold hardware and a polyester lining material. Unlike the Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet, it features a buckle opening & closure and is only available in solid colors.


You can bet that the CLUCI wallet will last a long while before you start seeing any signs of wear and tear. Its polyurethane coating will keep it looking good for a long time after purchase, and its good quality zipper will keep all of your important and personal belongings safely inside. Its high-quality PU leather material is also pretty easy to clean, as all you’ll need is a soft cloth to wipe it anytime it gets stained.


Inside the CLUCI wallet, you will find 1 interior zipper pocket, 2 photo slot pockets, 4 cash slot pockets, and up to 14 card slots so that you’ll be able to carry all the cards that you might need – a lot more compared to what the AnnabelZ Coin Purse has to offer.


At 0.36 pounds when empty, the CLUCI wallet can be considered lightweight, so if you opt to use it when only carrying cash, you won’t observe much change regarding how heavy it is. The wallet measures 7.56 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches, so it will easily be able to fit your phone if you intend to carry it as well.


The only thing that we wish CLUCI factored in when designing this wallet is RFID blocking technology. This would’ve made it a lot safer to use, especially for users who tend to travel often, so if this sounds like a deal-breaker for you, then you might want to consider the Ekster Parliament, which contains the all-important RFID Blocking technology.

CLUCI Wallet for Women Wrap Up

CLUCI is a well respected brand, especially in the United Kingdom, and women’s wallets are just one category in its extensive array of products. If you’re still not convinced that this should be your pick, feel free to hop over to Amazon and find out what other women had to say about it.

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