Whether you are growing plants, herbs or Mary Jane, Cloudponics makes it easy. It is a fully automated system for growing that you can control right from your smartphone. They sell the GroBox and all of the accessories that you need to become a modern-day farmer.

Save Money and Have Fun Growing Plants

The beauty of the GroBox system is that it is so easy to use. All you have to do is select what you want to grow and the system will help you to nurture it from seed to harvest. You can follow the entire growing process on the app.

Another great benefit to “growing your own” is that it is going to save you a fortune in medicine costs. Plants are medicine and when you have a plant-based diet, you are going to be healthy. Being able to grow your own medicinal plants is going to free you from the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industrial complex. You can grow up to 10 ounces of your favorite medicine in only 3 months. That works out to 3 grams per day.

You won’t have to fret over your plants and constantly baby them either.  With this system, you could leave on a 3-week vacation and never have to worry about how your plants are doing.  You can check on them from your app anywhere in the world.

Grow Healthy Plants For a Healthy Life

GMOs and pesticides are always a concern when growing plants from seed or otherwise, but with Cloudponics you know for sure that it´s healthy. There’s no guesswork here. Your plants grow before your eyes, entirely under your control. You know that when they are mature and you consume them, they are 100% your creation.
Cloudponics Fully Automated Plant Grow Systems
Grow your own medicine with Cloudponics.

Once you see what Cloudponics is capable of, there’s no doubt that the merging of Artificial Intelligence and skilled human growers is the way to go.  Your plants will grow under the best conditions that are tailored specifically for them. As a side effect, you will improve your grow recipes constantly.

The GrowBox will monitor air temperature, humidity, and light, while a proprietary nutrient control injects nutrients according to plant stage and behavior. The unit can be self watering for up to 3 weeks and it maintains ideal pH levels.
There’s no reason not to grow your own with Cloudponics running the show.

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  1. I brought one and I’m a very disappointed. The directions are horrible; they even agreed when I spoke with customer service. I have had my box for months and it still isn’t put together. Karl from the company would schedule times to speak with me on the phone to walk me through set up and never call. I spoke with other people who said they brought the item and could not get in touch with customer service. I would not buy this item. They are ripping people off for $2500.

  2. LOVED reading this article. I’ve followed Cloudponics since the genius brains of Nico and Pepijn created this technology. They are doing an amazing service and continued success to these gentlemen.

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