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At a very affordable price, the Clarifion is an air purifier worlds away from the Honeywell HPA300 and the Coway Ap-1512HH. It is a complete ion generator made to weigh down the dust and mold particles in your room with attaching ions. So, it won’t be a great whole-house air purifier, but it still gets the job done.

The reason that is it’s an ionizer (or from the family of Negative Ion Generators). It doesn’t simply remove pollutants and harmful particles from the air. It develops a static charge around airborne contaminants and surfaces, then once charged with static, these particles (allergens, dust, etc.,) stick to a nearby surface to be wiped away. You can also read our comparison of air purifier vs air scrubber to learn a bit more about these.

Thus, paired with its simple design and an extremely convenient setup process, the Clarifion is as helpful as some of the top-rated air purifiers out there, making your rooms a whole lot cleaner and easier to breathe in.

Why We Like It – Clarifion

Probably the simplest air purifier you can find out there, the Clarifion is more of an Ion generator than a filter. However, not to be worried. The Clarifion air purifier will probably have no side effects on you, your family, or your pets. It makes the dust particles fall down to the floor easier than ever, thanks to the million ions it outputs per cm3. And so with all that, a simple design, and a quiet operation so you can use it at night, the Clarifion is a cheap and easy-to-use air purifier you can get right now to ease your allergies and be a quiet air purifier in your home.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • No maintenance or replacements are required every now and then
  • Not a very large room coverage
  • Ozone production may be harmful


Releasing 10 Million negative ions per cm3, the Clarifion air purifiers ease your allergies and protect your overall immune system. The ions go on ahead to form bonds with the airborne particles ranging from smoke dust and mold particles, weighing them down to the ground, away from your immune systems. This makes the air quality a whole lot better, but with ion generators, there’s always the risk of harming those with weak immune systems, especially those with asthma. In that case, you’ll want to try the Mammoth air purifier.

Alternatively, to get rid of microns at 0.01 size, you’ll definitely need the best photocatalytic oxidation air purifier.

As the Clarifion purifier are ion generators, it’s no surprise that they produce ozone which may do more than clean air inside your home. Even though there’s no exact value out there on the amount of ozone it produces, as per many customer reviews, we can say that the Clarifion might not be the best indoor air purifier for those with weak immune systems. It’s not an issue with all of their models, but some do tend to release dangerous levels of the gas either because of a fault or damage in construction. In that case, just have a look at the best Levoit air purifier for another option. Additionally, if you are concerned about other volatile organic compounds, check out our guide on air purifiers that work on VOCs and formaldehyde to help ease your mind.

Rather we would suggest that if you can afford it, try getting you and your family a true HEPA filter, the Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 and the Honeywell HPA300 being great options worth considering. Or, if you’d like a filter you can reuse to save on maintenance and waste generation, there are air purifier washable filter options you can also consider. Alternatively, you’ll want to try the AVICHE W3 for a personal air purifier.

Alternatively, read our Oransi Max review for a unit with a filter lasting 18 months before buying a replacement.

On the other hand, the Clarifion does indeed keep the environment clean within its 150 Square feet range. This is limited, considering how you have to plug the purifier into an outlet, but that also makes it easy to install, needing nothing else to be manually inputted into it. You can also easily plug it into your vehicle, but for bigger rooms, you might have to buy a number of them for the best performance. You may want to check out the Coway Airmega 200M review if you want an air purifier with a much larger room coverage. You can also opt for the best air purifier for large open spaces if you’re interested in a single model giving you a lot of coverage. You can also check out our comparison of an air purifier vs open window to see how purification is affected.

Overall, as an Ion generator, the Clarifion operates pretty great, but options with HEPA filters, as well as an activated carbon filter for odors, just make a much better option worth considering. Read our guide on how to clean air purifier filters to learn how to make the filters last longer. They even offer a longer range, but another benefit the Clarifion carries that they don’t is the fact that you will no longer need to upkeep the filters on the Clarifion air purifier as there are none. It is simply powered by the electricity in the sockets giving out negative ions. As for noise production, with pretty low power consumption, the Clarifion air purifier manages to stay near silent even during operation.

Although, if you want a truly silent unit, then you need to read our Airfree T800 review.


Weighing under 1.75 pounds and with a pretty compact size, the Clarifion air purifier doesn’t take up much space at all and easily fits into a socket for easy functionality. For those who would want a larger purifier, it may be worth going through our Boneco Air Washer W200 review or our Alen BreatheSmart Classic large room air purifier review.

It comes with a LED light indicating whether or not the device is connected, but it may pose a problem as it will shine through the dark, probably irritating your eyes. You might want to consider placing it somewhere slightly hidden or just covering the part of the LED with tape if it gets too disturbing. And with its white slim design, it looks pretty sleek and doesn’t stand out much on your wall, making it a pretty simple but nice touch to your home interior.


Priced at $30 for each of them, the Clarifion air purifier is much cheaper than a filter for most other air purifiers. But even so, it simply offers what it’s worth considering how short a room coverage it has and its only functionality being ion generating. And so, if that’s all you need, the Clarifion might be worth your money, but get yourself a bunch of them in one of the packages offered to save some money. However, do keep in mind that some customer reviews say not having received their products even after months and not getting any further customer service to get it in time. So if you are to order one or a bunch, you might want to check out some of the Amazon links rather than their official website.

Clarifion Wrap Up

While it does come at a very affordable price and does perform pretty well in its own field, the Clarifion air purifier isn’t meant for everyone. You get no form filters to clean the different bacteria and odors in the air, and it may even cause issues as it does produce ozone. And so, since that will be bad for anyone near with a weak immune system, you might as well consider getting yourself a slightly higher-priced air purifier with a number of filters for better air cleaning and some form of control on the Ion generator. But, if none of those issues concern you, you may get some of the Clarifion air purifiers in packages of 3, 6, or even 10 for a better price.

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