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If you’re seeking out the best electric hunting bikes on a budget, CIVI Bikes are good, all-around solid choices for a much lower price. You aren’t giving up much for the Predator model. Its 500W brushless hub motor can crank speeds up to 25mph. And its folding nature means it’s easy to transport, carry, and store.

Why We Like It – CIVI Bikes

For a nice, all-around good budget option, CIVI Bikes (Predator model) is the ideal choice; fitted with a 500W brushless hub motor that can get up to 25mph, and travels 30 miles on a good day.

  • 500W hub motor; 25mph top speed
  • Can be folded for transport, storage, carrying
  • Ideal budget hunting bike
  • Long charging time
  • Battery life could be better

Durability & Build Quality

Typical of many bikes, CIVI Bikes are built with an aluminum alloy frame. Not only does this cut cost by a small margin, it keeps the bike lightweight but still strong. Its the fat tires that are exceptionally tough. After all, they’re thick, 4-inch tires that are great on sketchy terrain, with incredible grip. However, the Rungu Bike has three thick tires for better handling.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Predator CIVI E Bikes aren’t as fast as other entries, but it makes an admirable effort given its lower price. At most you can crank the twist throttle to peak around 25mph, which is a limitation of its 500W motor, while the CIVI electric bikes Cheetah has 750W.

Range & Battery

Battery life, just like its speed, is in the same boat. It’s a solid Samsung lithium-ion battery pack that can take you around the environment up to 30 miles. The BAKCOU Mule Elite can push 40+ miles. Pedal assist can eek out a few miles, as does using throttle sparingly.

Safety Features

The CIVI Predator Folding Fat Electric Bicycle is limited in safety features. There’s only suspension in the front, which is still good but a little more would’ve been nice. The most important feature is its Tektro mechanical brakes. There’s a rear rack in the back for hauling equipment.


Considering our fat tire electric bike review, it’s clear the Predator CIVI Bikes aren’t the best in the business, but what they lack in performance is made up in price. The Predator is more of a budget bike—a starter e-bike, if you will. This is especially nice if you still need a hunting bike but are still on the fence. If CIVI Bikes are lacking, and you’re still on a budget, bump up to the Juiced RipCurrent S for $2499.

CIVI Bikes Wrap Up

The CIVI Bikes are solid bikes overall, despite having a longer charge time and a weaker battery. That’s an intentional choice to keep it cheaper. After all, its 500W and 25mph are outclassed by most entries on our list, but because it’s priced at $1500, we can see why. For all intents and purposes, this is a budget option.

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