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The Circulon premier professional stainless steel 13 piece cookware set will save you time and money thanks to the many features it comes with. The hard anodized aluminum design helps bring a non stick surface to each pan and these cookware sets are dishwasher and oven safe. This is a set from a list of our Best Cookware.

Why We Like It – Circulon Premier Professional Stainless

The Circulon premier professional stainless steel and hard anodized cookware set is a collection of pots and pans that will help you cook your next meal. Thanks to the shatterproof glass lids, these pans are built for clumsy moments and ensure that they last for the long run.

  • The total food release system
  • Stainless steel base
  • No additional tools, only pots, and pans


The Circulon premier professional cookware set comes equipped with a Total Food Release System which helps even out the distribution of heat. This set comes with 13 pots and pans that will aid any kitchen, although it is a bummer that it does not include any tools to use this set like in the Rachael Ray 16333 cucina set. Each pan has a rubberized stainless steel handle that will help you grip the pan without getting burned. Finally, the shatter resistant tempered glass is the perfect touch for newbies still anxious in the kitchen or for those unexpected times when things fall down.


This set can withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in your oven. The lids on this cookware set locks in heat and moisture. When it is time to drain your vegetables or pasta, each pot has a crease so the water drains easily. The pots and pans have a nonstick coating which will make it a breeze to clean. If you enjoy these nonstick sets, another option to look out for may be the Gotham steel all in one 20 piece nonstick cookware set.


This set is a bit expensive, but it earned it’s worth by providing drop proof lids, and nonstick coating on their pots and pans. If you would like to see more top tier products, you may want to check out the Cuisinart mcp-12n multiclad pro stainless steel set. The cast iron on these pans will distribute heat evenly so your food cooks more thoroughly in less time. If you have a moment make sure to read more customer reviews on their experience before purchasing.

Circulon Premier Professional Stainless Wrap Up

The Circulon Premier Professional Stainless is an elite grade 13 piece hard anodized cookware set that will help you cook better meals. It would have been nice to have some tools along with these pots and pans to give as a complete set, but nevertheless, the food release system, heat distribution, and shatterproof lids help make this set last quite a long time.

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