Cielo Breez Will Make Your Air Conditioner Smart

Looking for the best portable air conditioner? It may be the one you own. Like an old dog, you may think that your old air conditioner can’t learn any new tricks. That’s usually the case, but not anymore. Cielo Breez actually makes your air conditioner smarter.

A Great Air Conditioner Upgrade

It allows you to control your air conditioners from anywhere, any time you like. Even better, Breez saves you up to 25% on your AC’s energy bills. If that’s the kinds of brains they are giving to air conditioners, count me in.

Breez will also help keep an eye on the air filter in your AC unit. Simply check it by saying “Alexa, ask Cielo Home what is the status of Bedroom Air Filter” and you will get your answer.

Cielo Breez works with all Air Conditioners that have a remote control. It doesn’t matter if it is a wall unit, a portable AC unit, cassette type, mini-splits and heat pumps, dehumidifiers, fan coil units or PTAC.

You can download the free apps from App Store or Google Play with a simple search for “Cielo Home”. The apps are easy to use, intuitive and give you more control over your air conditioners, not to mention a better user experience. If you have some energy saving goals Breez will help you to meet them.

My guess is that you have never been able to get a complete usage audit of your connected ACs and Heat pumps before, but Breez delivers just that on Cielo Home Apps. This way you can be aware of your usage patterns and achieve the saving goals that you want. Smart Home Automation meets your Air Conditioner.

Here’s something else that your old AC unit was never capable of. Automatically turning on as you arrive home. Cielo Breez & Cielo Home work together can do this, as well as turn it off as you leave. The Cielo Home app uses your phone’s location to automatically trigger pre-defined actions. You see? You can teach an old AC unit new tricks.

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Cielo Breez Will Make Your Air Conditioner Smart
Cielo Breez makes your AC more versatile.

Do More With Your AC and Heat Pumps

Cielo Breez also plays nice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to manage heat pumps and AC with the power of your voice.

All major brands of air conditioners and heat pumps are compatible, whether it is Samsung, York, Gree, LG, Daikin, Pioneer, Fujitsu, along with many other popular brands. If you ask me, this is a great way to upgrade your air conditioner without having to buy a new one.

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