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Chronos Wearable Converts Any Watch into a Smart Watch

Chronos Wearable Watch
The Chronos attaches to almost any watch's back and converts it to a smart watch.

Smart Watches.  They’re cool, but generally superfluous when you consider many of today’s smartphones can do the same and perhaps even more.  But there is no debating their cool factor; touchscreen, call notifications, Dick Tracy like phone calls, and more.  But if you’re like me, you prefer the old school look to that of the new school, which in this case is either an Apple Watch or something Android Wear.

Enter the Chronos.  It’s 100% “shut up and take my money”, no?  The Chronos attaches to the back of your watch.  And almost any watch.  Well, truth be told, 80% of watches, at least according to Chronos.

Feature wise it seems to do all the same stuff you’ve come to expect from today’s smart watches.  This includes fitness tracking, call notification, gesture control and there is even a Chronos app. Moreover, you can integrate, where applicable, the Chronos into your favorite fitness app.  There is also haptic feedback and LED notifications.

Now, if you’re like me, the first thing you think about, or the first few things, is size and battery life.  Measuring a scant 3mm in thickness (and 33mm in diameter) it shouldn’t be too noticeable, at least not after your wrist acclimates.  But that remains to be seen, and to be honest, I’m not sure how an extra 3mm would, or will, feel on my wrist.  As for battery life, Chronos claims 36 hours.  Which is a nice way of saying you’ll have to charge it nightly, albeit using their wireless charging platform.

Chronos Wearable Watch

Chronos Wearable Watch, seen here with the LED notification illuminated.

Connectivity to your smartphone comes by way of Bluetooth 4.0. Which will work to keep battery life consumption down, though it’s fairly obvious that the more you use the Chronos the more juice you’ll consume.  In other words, that 36 hour battery life will drop considerably.

Sticking the Chronos to your watch won’t require any special adhesive as they company says they’ve used some sort of “micro-suction” technology.  Color me a tad bit skeptical to its effectiveness.  But then again, the back of a watch is fairly uniform piece of flat metal save for any imprinting from the manufacture.

So a few things:

  1. The Chronos is on preorder now and starts $99.
  2. They’ve got an iOS app that lets you determine if you watch is a fit/match.  You can grab it here.
  3. It would appear that Chronos has decided to not go the Kickstarter/Indiegogo route.  For posterity’s sake I’ve looked up their founder, Mark , who looks pretty legit.  So you can take some comfort there.

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