Google’s new chromebook, the Pixel, boast some rather impressive specs.  Sure, the paltry 64GB of storage is questionable, but with that option in tow you’ll score a Verizon LTE connection enabling you to upload up to 1TB of data for 3 years to a Google Drive anywhere you roam.  But any shortcomings aside are easily negated thanks to this easter egg as discovered by Wired: punch in the Konami code (up-up down-down left right left right B A) and the LED strip on the face of the Pixel performs a light show.  It’s arguably not the coolest of light shows, or easter eggs, but when is the last time Apple did something like this. The answer?  NEVER.

If you don’t recall, the Konami code was made famous, at least here in the states by the NES game Contra. Punch it in at the start screen and you were netted 30 lives – it was really the only way to win the game, unless of course you were a genius video game player. The Konami code saw a number of variations, though this iteration was probably the most famous, and according to the code’s Wikipedia page even appeared in some non-Konami games.

Unfortunately, cheat codes, which were part of the Golden Age of video games, have since become a thing of the past.  So needless to say, it’s great to see something like this appear in a rather mainstream product.  It also lends further evidence that Google hasn’t gone completely mainstream despite their products getting better and better. Surely, Chromebook Pixel is clearly one the best chromebook in the market.

The Chromebook Pixel ships sometime in April.  Checkout my full Chromebook Pixel piece for specs.

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