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As number 1 in the best atv battery buying guide, the ytx12 bs igel battery is a motorcycle battery that can provide maintenance-free perks at a great price. People found that with the right atv/ motorcycle, this battery is durable, user friendly, and factory activated upon delivery.

Why We Like It – Chrome Battery YTX12 BS IGEL AGM

High performing and maintenance free, the ytx12 bs battery has a great price to compliment its easy installation, durability and vibration resistance. It also has a LED screen to display the amount of charge that the battery has left, and warns the user if the battery is running low.

  • Maintenance free
  • High performance
  • Have the option of free shipping
  • Smaller capacity


Unlike the expertpower 12v9ah ytx9-bs agm battery which contains lead acid, this chrome pro battery contains igel batteries that make it maintenance free due to the injected gel electrolytes. There’s also the perk of easy installation, as the battery is delivered to the customer fully charged: The only thing the customer needs to do is to connect the battery to the compatible motorcycle/ atv of their choice. To check for compatibility, please enter the model number of the motorcycle or atv into the browser’s search feature on the battery’s Amazon page.


As a chrome pro battery, this agm battery has a digital display screen. This digital display screen provides information on the battery’s charge status and warns the user of low voltage. It also contains absorbed glass mat technology to contribute in giving the benefits of being both high performance and maintenance free. However, it has less than ideal capacity and it can’t be used for applications such as jet skis like the Chrome Battery YTX14 BS battery can, mainly due to exerting a lower wattage in comparison.


The ytx12 bs battery has a smaller capacity, with some reviews saying that it lasts for about 2 years at the most before dying. It’s wattage of 120 watts can be a turn off for some customers, especially when compared to the more expensive Yuasa Yuam320bs YTX20L BS battery. For the most part, it’s only a bad investment if it’s installed in the wrong atv/ motorcycle, as it could result in inconvenience at best and safety concerns at worst.

Chrome Battery YTX12 BS IGEL AGM Wrap Up

Some reviews from the United States have noted that the battery’s capacity isn’t the best, and that the customer service has been less than stellar as well. Other reviews, however, have recommended to please try this battery. The overall experiences seem to depend on either the shipping conditions or the type of motorcycle the battery is installed into.

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