Chocolate Grenade

Any holiday throws a virtual bomb into your diet.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably the biggest of the offenders.  Eating is generally speaking a bigger part of the holidays then the gift giving.  Of course, part of the gift giving is giving food items or confectioner’s treats, such as this Chocolate Grenade from  Raphael Volkmer.

Needless to say it packs over 500 calories of deliciousness.  And like those chocolate bunny rabbits that you’re used to receiving from Easter’s past, this grenade of goodness, officially called the “Calorie Bomb,” packs jelly beans inside, which if you think about are really candy shrapnel.   But instead of lodging into your head and body, they’ll get stuck in your gut motivating you spend an extra 30 minutes in the gym today.

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  1. Passover throws a bomb into your diet, too.  Even matzoh tastes better when covered in chocolate… not to mention almonds and strawberries and just about anything else you can think of. 

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