Chewbacca Strap Cover Gives Your Seatbelt A Stylin’ Look


We all secretly want to be Chewbacca. He’s enormous, he’s got the coolest looking weapon, and he never has to wear pants. He’s even got a stylish bandolier, which you can now put on your person.

What A Wookie

Essentially, it’s the strap we know and love from Star Wars that’s never entirely explained, transferred to a sleeve. Seriously, what does Chewie keep in that thing? Ammo? Snacks? Flash drives? Is it like Batman’s utility belt? Nobody seems to bother taking it when they lock him up, so it’s probably nothing dangerous, but you still kind of wonder.

Aaaaaand we’re wandering off the point here.

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Handmade With Fandom Love

One of the nice touches about this strap cover is that it’s handmade. So, every little box, every tuft of fur, every joke about laughing it up fuzzball, comes from a place of pure fandom. The materials are nice too; it’s made with faux fur, leather, felt, and cotton. You just need to slide it onto something with a strap, whether you’re thinking your messenger bag, your seat belt, or your guitar with a hook and loop set-up. Finally, your dreams of simultaneously being a rocker and a massive Star Wars nerd are not only within reach, but reasonable!


Hairy Straps

Ask any fan who wants to have a little fun: It can be hard, once you’re an adult with responsibilities and other annoying things keeping you from midnight showings and the like, to show your fandom in socially acceptable ways. But this little touch allows you to put a little joy in your life, while simultaneously proclaiming your love of everything tall, furry, and capable of nearly strangling Lando Calrissian. And, hey, during the winter months, it’ll help keep you warm! The Chewbacca Strap Cover is available for $22 plus shipping on Etsy.

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