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When you want your car to look nice it isn’t just enough to give it a wash as your rims and tires will accumulate a layer of brake dust dirt and road grime, so you’ll want to apply wheel wax to give your wheels a high gloss shine regardless of weather and all but the most extreme conditions. If you’re the handy type or just like to know how your car works you might take an interest in the Best Wheel Spacers run down we have.

Why We Like It – Chemical Guys WAC_303 8-Ounce Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant

The Chemical Guys WAC_303 8-Ounce Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant is a wax based polish and sealant to apply to any wheels with a simple application, and most importantly the coat protects your car from the normal day wear and tear they experience from driving.

  • Safe on all wheel
  • Easy to apply
  • Creates a protective barrier
  • The mixture can end up separating permanently


With a max coat of the Chemical Guys wheel guard you’ll be able to feel comfortable keeping your wheels protected, unfortunately the reviews from verified perches have been having mixed results. That is to say they needed to wash and apply a new coat ting to keep their aluminum stainless more often than the eight months advertised or compared with another wheel finish. As nobody wants their ECCPP 5×114.3 Wheel Spacers to look dingy for the car show they had to apply a new coating.


While the wheel guard max coat leaves a wet shine till it dries, if the green waxy polish will turn anything else it tunches green, skin and concrete both according to some reviews. The clear plastic case shows how much wheel coating is left with a glance as it’s on your shelf, so you’ll know if you could polish your KSP 5×114.3 wheel spacers clean.


With an overwhelming majority giving the Chemical Guys WAC_303 8-Ounce Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant 5 stars on amazon it’s safe to say the free shipping has helped people keep their Spidertrax S2PWHS010 wheel spacers Kit clean even as not all wheel finishes have gone over without a hitch.

Chemical Guys WAC_303 8-Ounce Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant Wrap Up

The biggest problem with the product seems to be that the coating doesn’t last as long for some and more importantly the wax and liquid separate when left on it’s own and can’t be remixed to make it usable again.

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