Chargeboard Is The Skateboard That Powers Up Your Phone

It’s happened to all of us: We’re out and about, rolling down the road, and our phone dies. It’s annoying, it’s commonplace, and solutions are few. Unless you happen to be using the Chargeboard. If you’re new to boarding, check out the best skateboard for beginners to find your first set of wheels.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The Chargeboard is, on the surface, a fairly straightforward longboard. It’s built to cruise for long distances, as you may have guessed, and is mostly a skateboard you use for transportation purposes. The real value in it, of course, is not to do with the skateboard, as attractive as it is. No, the best part of it is what’s underneath the skateboard, and how it uses the power you generate as you cruise. Speaking of cruising, the Elos skateboard is a compact urban cruiser, perfect for commuting.

Electric Boarding

The Chargeboard powers itself, or charges your phone, by gathering energy as the board rolls. A dynamo is built into the back wheel, so as you push the board, you generate power. Being on it for an hour charges a battery enough that it can recharge your phone several times, but that’s not all the Chargeboard offers. It’s also been built to serve as a dock, so when you’ve arrived at your destination, you can flip over your board, plug in your phone, and start listening to some music. It’s a green way to dock and charge your phone.

Charged Up


The Chargeboard is currently just a prototype inching towards reality; in fact, its creator is curious to see whether electronics or skateboard companies would be interested in picking up his idea. But he seems dedicated to bringing it to the masses either way, and is currently looking into design and manufacturing ideas. Regardless, we’ll be curious to see what he pulls off and how the Chargeboard changes as it comes to market. As more clever ideas like this are integrated into our lives, the more energy we’ll collect and, more importantly, save.

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