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If you’re looking for the Best Grills that should be able to last you a few seasons, then the Char-Broil Classic 280 should be one you’re considering. It’s inexpensive, but it still boasts enough power to sear your meat to perfection and is easy to clean. All things you would consider in the Best Propane Grill too.

Why We Like It – Char Broil Classic 280

The Char Broil Classic 280 Gas Grills are probably the pinnacle of lower-end grills. They have great power, first of all, that can even rival the BTU output of higher-end grills, and can feed a hungry family with it’s large 280 square inch grilling surface.

  • Pretty Powerful for its Class
  • 8,000 BTU Side Burner Option Available
  • Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Grates
  • No Natural Gas Option
  • Plastic Side Shelves
  • Long Assembly Time


The Char-Broil Classic 280 possesses 26,500 BTUs of power across two stainless steel burners. If you prefer, you can think of it as each burner having 13,250 BTUs, which is impressive for a budget grill. If you add the side burner, it goes up to 8,000 BTUs. If you would prefer something stronger, try the Blackstone 36 Stainless Steel Griddle.


As I’ve already mentioned, the grill does have the option of a side burner, which is nice, biur costs almost $100.00 more. There is no natural gas option though, so keep that in mind. In terms of cooking space, the Char-Broil Classic 280 offers 280 square inches. This is pretty much right where it needs to be, but you can check out the Weber Spirit II if you want more.


The Char-Broil Classic 280 comes with plastic side shelves instead of metal side shelves like most other grills, but we expected this considering the price. It’s pretty sturdy, but just be sure the screws are secured tightly before use. It’s rather lightweight too at 43 pounds, nearly matching the weight of portable grills like the Weber Q1200.

Ease of Use

The Piezo Ignition System gives you a reliable spark every time you push the button so you can get straight to grilling. The porcelain coated steel lid aids in the even distribution of heat so you’re assured all the food cooks the right amount, and the porcelain coated cast iron grates are easier to clean because the flakes slide off or come off easily with a brush.


While there are plenty of accessories, such as a grill cover, grill brush, and tool set, to be had, they all add a to the price of the grill and would probably be better purchased separately depending on what you need. One thing I should mention is that, while assembling the barbecue isn’t necessarily hard, it will take about two hours so make sure you set aside a block of time.

Char Broil Classic 280 Wrap Up

The Char-Broil Classic 280 is the grill you get when you just want to feed a family and leave the backyard barbecues to somebody else. Just make sure to set aside time for putting it together. All in all, it’s a fine barbecue that does the job it’s supposed to, and that’s really all we can ask.

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