Chapin 61500 Backpack Sprayer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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There are a lot of options when it comes to gallon sprayers, but the Chapin 61500’s adjustable cone and left hand pump handle make it a great option for consumer yard work. The backpack sprayer Chapin produced has gotten a lot of attention as an affordable option and was featured in our list of the best backpack sprayer options, and for good reason, as it’s cheaply manufactured without compromising on quality. Find out why you need it for your lawn garden.

Why We Like It – Chapin International 61500 ProSeries translucent

The Chapin International 61500 Proseries is a great sprayer and it doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap. This Euro style backpack sprayer is built with the consumer market in mind and is a great budget option for yard work – the addition of Viton seals makes the Chapin sprayer an all-purpose powerhouse compatible with fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.

  • Wide mouth for easy filling/cleaning.
  • 2-Stage filtration system.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Only two nozzles.
  • Shoulder straps don’t distribute weight well.


The Chapin International 61500 Pro Series features a large tank and left hand piston pump handle capable of propelling fertilizer in wide or focused sprays with the aide of it’s adjustable poly-shut nozzles, one adjustable cone, and a fan tip. The 4 gallon tank sports a 4 inch wide mouth for easily filling or cleaning respectively as well as a filter to prevent blockage. Commercial jobs can be difficult given it’s hand pump and limited nozzle attachments, where the Field King Professional 190328 shines.

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While the Chapin Euro Style backpack is great, it’s padded shoulder straps don’t offer much support and it’s a 4 gallon tank for long jobs. Additionally, most gallon backpack sprayers come with a handful of nozzles, whereas the Chapin international 61500 Pro Series sprayer comes with only two. The Chapin International 61500 ProSeries translucent gallon tank gives a clear indication to how much product you have left, no guesswork involved. The Chapin 61900 4 gallon commercial stainless offers a similarly large tank while also offering equal distribution of the full backpack’s weight for more demanding yard work.

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This Euro style backpack sprayer has been on our radar for it’s large tank and affordable price, making it a great option if you’re in the market. Features, like it’s wide mouth, makes for easy filling and it’s poly-shut means that you won’t be forced to waste any product. We would have liked to see more nozzle options other than the adjustable cone and fan tip but they can get the job done. The 61500’s left hand pump could pose an issue for those with joint issues, as opposed to the M4 MY 4 SONS Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer which is electrically powered.

Chapin International 61500 ProSeries translucent Wrap Up

If you are in the market for gallon backpack sprayers at an affordable price, this could be your solution. We applaud it for it’s wide mouth, making filling and cleaning it a breeze, the piston pump for it’s utilitarianism, and a 2-stage filtration system for ensuring no debris can cause a blockage.