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The Channellock 8WCB Wide Azz Adjustable Opening hand tool has an extra wide jaw that is ideal for most projects you will have around the house. The jaw opening is 1.5 inches, with marked measurements on the face of the wrench. It is considered a best wrench in our search for the best adjustable wrenches on the market. The list is topped by the ToolGuards 22-Piece Ratchet Wrench Set, Tekton 15-Piece Combination Wrench Set, and Tekton 10-Piece Crowfoot Wrench Set.

Why We Like It – Channellock Adjustable Opening

The Channellock Adjustable Wrench is a great tool to have on hand when you are working on anything from your household plumbing to your car. It is a high quality adjustable wrench with an extra wide jaw capacity.

  • Can be used in place of every size wrench
  • Comfortable handle
  • Wide jaw capacity for multi-use
  • Short handle gives you low torque
  • Rubber handle doesn’t stay in place


The wrench performs pretty well against its competitors. It has a comfortable grip and a four thread knurl, which adds to the grip on whatever you are trying to loosen or tighten. As far as hand tools go, this is one that will help you when working on any project. Overall it performs just as it should; working well the first time you try torquing on it. The best part is the Channellocks have the same opening of a 12-inch wrench, but it is lighter weight and easier to get into small spaces.


These Channellock’s have longer jaws than a typical pair of channel locks and has a better grip. The jaw is also tapered from ¼ inch to a ½ inch to allow for clearance issues. The benefit of thinner jaws gives you greater access to tight spaces. However, if you are working in a tight spot that is at a greater distance than eight-inches away, it will not work well for you. The tool does have a four-thread knurl and a precise jaw design grip for easy tightening and loosening of hardware.


These Channellocks can substitute for an entire drawer of wrenches, making them quite a good value. The design is superb and even includes a measurement tool on the face of the wrench so that you can see precisely the size of the nut or bolt that you are tightening or loosening. This is ideal if you are changing out hardware and need to know the measurements. They are normally priced at $41.61, but are now $25.41. You also get free shipping with Amazon Prime, which is a huge added bonus.

Channellock Adjustable Opening Wrap Up

The Channellock Adjustable Wrench is a nice tool for your toolbox. Some of the Amazon reviews indicated that the blue rubber handle does not always stay in place, but it is quite comfortable. The wide jaw and the measurement guide is a nice feature making it a stand out tool in the channel lock realm.

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