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To be the Best TV Antenna, it’s almost required that the antenna have long range capabilities. The Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna comes in with an 80-mile reception range, in an attempt to be the Best Outdoor TV Antenna. Its 180-degree reception span is nice, but does its signal hold up? Let’s find out!

Why We Like It – Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna

The Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna aims to capture those high VHF UHF signals as soon as possible, thanks to an 80-mile reception range, 180-degree reception span, and preassembled hardware.

  • 80-mile reception range
  • 180-degree reception span
  • Preassembled w/ mounting hardware
  • Coaxial cable & mast sold separately
  • Pricey


Despite being fairly pricey, the Channel Master Multi Directional Outdoor TV Antenna’s performance is in constant flux. Some users report having great to perfection high definition reception, while others not so much. It’s definitely going to give you a better signal than, say, an indoor antenna would, but you should also be aware of your surroundings.

Ease of Install

Unpack the Channel Master Outdoor Antenna and you’ll notice it’s preassembled. This will really cut down on the time to install the antenna, but you’ll still need to mount it. Unfortunately, both the coax cable and mast are sold separately, similar to the Antennas Direct Clearstream.


If you were hoping for an incredibly tough antenna, you won’t find it here. The Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna is still tough; it is metal, after all. When mounted successfully, it shouldn’t have any problem staying bolted to your home.


This Channel Master antenna has multiple ranges to choose from, but this particular model is long range, reaching high quality HD channels from 80 miles away. If that’s far more than you need, there’s a 40-mile short range model, or you can opt for the cheaper RCA Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna.


Due to the conflicting nature of TV antennas—sometimes they’re good, other times they aren’t—dropping $149 on the Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna doesn’t seem to be the wisest of decisions. In fact, the Tree New Bee Antenna can reach nearly twice as far in range, and it’s half the price. Not to mention you’ll need a mast and coax cable for the Channel Master. You can also opt for the GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black, which is a fraction of the cost and offers a pretty decent performance.

Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna Wrap Up

It isn’t that the Channel Master Outdoor TV Antenna is bad—far from it—but it isn’t offering enough to justify its price. An 80-mile reception range is great, especially with an 180-degree reception span; however, its deception strength leaves a lot to be desired. You also have to throw in the price of the mast and coaxial cable.

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