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Chairgami Creates Cardboard Furniture For Your Transitory Lifestyle


Most of us, when we first move out of our parent’s house, are probably going to be changing apartments every single year. It’s just kind of the way things work out; leases run out, roommates decide to move on, there’s not really much in the way of stability. And as a result most of your furniture is shoddy flat-pack crap that might as well be made out of paper. For millennials living on rent, working from home, and desirous of easy shifting of residence, Chairgami’s offering could be the best home office chair out there.

Chairgami decided to take that notion to its natural conclusion, and build furniture out of cardboard for transitory lifestyles. But this isn’t just hacking together a bed out of FedEx boxes; this is actually some pretty tough stuff.

First of all, it’s made from Triple Wall, a type of corrugated cardboard that has three layers. So it’s tough, but still light. It’s also made from 70% recycled fibers and 30% new fiber, so you’re also not chopping down quite as many trees as you might think buying all your furniture out of cardboard.’

There’s also quite a lot of options depending on how you want to outfit your apartment or office. They make coffee tables, desks, iPhone cases (really), chairs, and shelving. All of it, as you might expect, has to be assembled by the buyer, but it just has to be folded and slotted and you’re up and running in fairly short order.


Needless to say, this stuff isn’t going to last forever; the entire idea, in fact, is that it doesn’t last forever. But, more and more we need cheap furniture to tide us over as we lock down a better job, or try to get our apartments in order. So if you just need a bookshelf to last a little while, you might as well get it made from cardboard. At least if it falls apart, you can blame the materials.

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