CES: Blaupunkt “New Jersey” & “Hamburg” 600i Internet Car Radio from MiRoamer

What is it: Blaupunkt’s “New Jersey” & “Hamburg” 600i Internet Car Radio from MiRoamer. Originally we thought that you’d put your SIM chip into the device, but after talking with the MiRoamer reps it turns out you just pair the device with your cell phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the units pictured here weren’t in complete working order, hence the lack of ‘features’ listed below.

Features: We previously told you about these car internet radio receivers, but now we have some fresh pics to tickle your tech fancy (although they’re a bit blurry, sorry). Access to 30,000+ songs, up to 128Kbps audio streams, double din and single din slot.

Availability: Q3 2009

Price: “New Jersey” for $400 & the “Hamburg” for $300

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  1. Modern bluetooth enabled car radios such as my Kenwood DNX8120 can currently play radio stations using moodio.fm via their stereo cell-phones such as my Blackberry Storm. While I enjoy being able to listen to these radio stations, I am finding I prefer XM content. At any rate, it is only a matter of time before such modern car radios have internet radio capability via cell-phone added implemented via firmware changes.

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