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This series is an adaptation from the novel written by Joseph Heller. John Yossarian is a soldier that faces many cruel and unusual punishments in the U.S army due to his outspokenness towards his general. The generals responded to Yossarian’s comments by humiliating him with useless tasks to do. The end result is an army that is fighting two wars, one with the enemy and another at home. This series is on our Best Shows on Hulu with other dramatic stories like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why We Like It – Catch-22 Review

Catch-22 dives into the lives of soldiers during world war II. Soldiers like John Yossarian face battles that include fighting enemy armies while also fighting his own generals too. This series questions the authority of army generals by showing them abusing their armies, and disregarding the fact that these soldiers are already battling stress from putting their lives on the line for their country.

  • Epic air raid battles
  • Epic standoff with army generals
  • Only one series


Christopher Abbott stars as the outspoken soldier John Yossarian. Doc Daneeka is played by Grant Heslov. George Clooney stars as Scheisskopf, one of the dictator generals for the United States. He rules over the armies with Colonel Cathcart, who is played by Kyle Chandler. These U.S generals cause a great amount of stress for their soldiers as they constantly raise the stakes to try and win the war.


Since the series is based on the U.S Air Force, scenes include soldiers living in the barracks, as well as war planes flying through the air. There is also a warm color hue throughout the series that gives it a vintage feeling. We are also taken back to the World War II era by hearing big band tunes throughout the scenes. After this series is over, balance out the seriousness of war with a funny cartoon like Bob’s Burgers.


This is a great series to watch because of the growing tension between the characters as soldiers question the authority of the U.S Air Force. It shows the fights that soldiers go through when their generals rule with an iron fist. Other series that revolve around realistic drama such as this are The Act or Atlanta. As the stakes get higher, there is sure to be retaliation waiting for these generals.

Catch-22 Review Wrap Up

The miniseries Catch-22 is a great show to watch because it reveals the brutal sides of authority that causes stress for soldiers that are already dealing with war. This six part series is short enough to finish in a day, and in the end we will witness an escalation with enemies and generals.

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