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The first season begins with an apparent suicide. The local police officers scramble to find out why it happened. This series, along with The Act, are in on our Best Shows on Hulu, so they are definitely worthy to binge watch. The town’s warden seems to be hiding something about that suicide, and that’s where our first big mystery on this TV series starts. We dive into this series as the bodies begin to pile up, but the questions remain unanswered.

Why We Like It – Castle Rock Review

Castle Rock Is a series based on the fictional town created by Stephen King. Castle Rock Maine is going through some changes that lead to drama for our characters. Our characters are also confronted by supernatural forces at various points in the story. This is a great series to watch if you are looking for a good scare.

  • Suspenseful scenes
  • Intense Villains
  • Slow uninteresting start


André Holland stars as Henry Deaver, an officer in charge of capturing killers In Castle Rock. Henry’s mother Ruth Deaver is played by Sissy Spacek. Other king characters include Bill Skarsgard starring as a young man with a handful of legal problems. While the series is off to a slow start compared to The Handmaid’s Tale, it is just as frightening at times due to the killer’s epic rampages. After watching a show as gory as this, the perfect show to balance it out would be Bob’s Burgers, a cartoon about a family burger joint.


This series contains everything a scary show needs. The eerie music, epic killings, and anonymous perpetrators are all fair game in any work by Stephen King. The show becomes more and more scarier as the villains in the series start to dismantle our heroes’ sanity to progress on their plans. With only a second season to catch up on this is a good series to watch after or before Atlanta, a show about rappers trying to make it in the music game.


This is a good show to binge because the perpetrator is surely an out of this world creature from the dark depths of Stephen King’s mind. It will be worth it to see Officer Deaver find his perpetrators and see him give them the sentencing of a lifetime. If you have enjoyee any of Stephen King’s work in the past, This is most definitely another piece of his work that many will enjoy because of the show’s supernatural elements at play.

Castle Rock Review Wrap Up

Castle Rock is a great thriller show that will light up all fans of Stephen King’s work with a smile. The supernatural elements here will keep you wanting more gruesome action at every turn. This is a series filled with anxious and mysterious moments that horror fans will enjoy.

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