Casio Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches Can Take A Beating


Casio’s G-Shock watches are noted for two things: Being about as rugged as a watch gets, and being pretty ugly. Sorry, Casio fans, but let’s face it, when you design something for practicality and to take excessive amounts of abuse, generally you have to put aesthetics last. But Casio has heard the cries of fans who desperately want something slightly more fashionable, either because they now have finance jobs or because they believe they’re going to be attacked by Bond villains, and has introduced a new, more fashionable type of G-Shock: The Metal Twisted.

The biggest change is that the Metal Twisted has an analog face, which isn’t unknown in the G-Shock line, but the majority of these watches are digital. The movement, however, is digital; in fact, it’s a watch you’ll never have to set, as Casio has built it with a radio. All you have to do is choose which of four cities you’re in the time zone of, and the watch will set itself and keep itself on time.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the watch’s basic structure: You’ve still got stainless steel, resin, and Casio’s Alpha Gel to cushion impacts and absorb kinetic energy that would otherwise go straight to your watch. The panels of the wristband are made of stainless steel and resin as well, with the resin backing giving the watch a more comfortable feel.


If you want a watch that looks good and takes a beating, though, you’ll have to pay for it. The basic model, in polished stainless steel, costs $900. $100 more gets you the same watch, but with a black coating to better match your suits, we guess. And if you want to get really fancy, there’s a limited edition in black with gold accents and red panels on the band: That’ll run you $1100 and will be available exclusively through Tourneau.

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