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Carnival Row takes place in the middle of a great clash between humans and faeries. The faeries start off on a bad voyage that leads the majority of them to die or get relocated with rich elites, one faerie happens to be Cara Delevingne’s character, Vignette Stonemoss. These mythical creatures go on to work for humans where their gifts are ignored, which leads me to believe there might be some resentment against the humans boiling throughout the series. This series showed that even in the world of magic, there is still discrimination to handle. Carnival is among the top shows to check out on our Best Shows on Amazon with other great series like The Americans.

Why We Like It – Carnival Row Review

Carnival Row is a fantasy sci-fi TV series on Amazon Prime Video where mythical creatures and humans roam the land together. This series stars Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate, a detective. He roams the town looking for evil doers. This series is enjoyable for its imaginative characters, and the variety of different ways that they interact due to having distinguishable magical features.

  • Nice Costumes
  • Imaginative creatures
  • Low light series


Cheers to Orlando Bloom for the rounded character that is Rycroft Philostrate. During the first episodes we embark on the many events that take place for Mr. Philostrate in regards to his love life, and career. The narrative changes occasionally to show the life of the newly trained servant to Miss Imogen, Vignette Stonemoss. This series stuck to the tee representing this era in time, from the clothing to the high class vocabulary it is all there to bring us deeper into the series. While this series is based on sci fi medieval fantasies, other great series such as The Boys or Babylon 5 take the adventures to different settings that may be more enjoyable.


Carnival Row takes place in the seventh century, so costumes are old-fashioned as they come. It is interesting to see the costume so we can appreciate the design of all characters that take us to that slice of life. In addition, the faeries and other creatures look extremely good in makeup and costumes that bring us right into their world. It is a plus to see how these faeries interact romantically with the humans, because it proves to be a creative and imaginative moment.


This is a highly imaginative show that will keep you entertained by the various creatures that come to view. If you are looking for something more comedic this may not be the best choice due to the extensive amount of dialogue. Nevertheless, it is always great to be amazed by the magic that occurs within the show.

Carnival Row Review Wrap Up

This is a great series for anyone interested in diving into a strange world of faeries and humans. With an imaginative series like this, there is no doubt the creatures viewers encounter will have them aweing over their mythical design. Now is the time to catch up before the second season begins on Amazon Prime Video.

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