CarbonLite Wrenches Are Your Old Wrenches, But With Way More Carbon Fiber

We all want more fiber. Well, OK, mostly old people want more fiber. But nerds want more carbon fiber, because carbon fiber is awesome; light, strong, cool-looking, it’s why we love materials science and it’s being used in pretty much everything to sell it to, well, nerds. Like these wrenches! If you already have the best torque wrench but are looking to add to your collection, read on.

Wrench Some Carbon

It’s pretty simple, really: Most of the wrench is actually made of carbon fiber, except for the jaws. Those are made of the material all nerds used to love so much, stainless steel. And really, that’s it; they’re wrenches, you use them to torque your nuts. But there’s a bit more to this than just looking cool. Once you use this wrench, it will soon become the best socket wrench that you own. But there’s a bit more to this than just looking cool.

Strong, But Light

As we all know, carbon fiber is strong and light. But to give you an idea of just how light it is, an entire set of these wrenches weights exactly as much as… one steel wrench. That’s actually a bigger deal than it sounds. Quite a few people are looking to lower the weight load of their tools, such as cyclists, on-the-road mechanics, and other people who find themselves needing a wrench. In theory, these are more likely to go up in the space shuttle than even the most advanced wrench you can find elsewhere.

Carbon Emissions


Granted, at $140 a set, these aren’t going to be taking the hardware store by storm; they mostly exist to prove a point about carbon fiber as a material and be really cool for nerds who have to have everything lighter and tougher. But if you’re in the market for a new set of wrenches, and weight is at a premium for you, this might be a good set to have.

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