Car Garbage Can By Lebogner Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This wasn’t our #1 pick for the best car garbage can, but this bin has one distinct advantage over the other products on that list: size. This x-large auto trash bag stores 3.65 gallons of trash (far more than your average trash bin!). Car trash isn’t limited to dry trash either. This product is 100% leak proof so you can confidently throw any & all trash in there with confidence. An added plus? The Lebogner Car Trash Can offers free shipping! Install it in your vehicles.

Why We Like It – Car Garbage Can By Lebogner

The Lebogner luxury large car trash bin is the perfect way to keep your car clean on long trips (or when the kids keep leaving trash on your car floor). This large capacity can is stylish, adjustable, & 100% leakproof. It is made of easy-to-clean nylon.

  • Sturdy Auto Trash Bag
  • Leakproof X-Large Car Trash Can (3.65 Gallons)
  • Stays Secure With Adjustable Straps & Velcro Strips
  • Collapses Easily When Not Filled With Car Trash
  • Only Has Two Storage Pockets


This x-large car trash can won’t need to be emptied as often as our #1 pick, the Garbage Drive Auto Products Collection because it can hold up to 3.65 gallons of trash. This exceeds the average storage space of other trash cans by far (the average is around 2.0 gallons), so it will be more than sufficient for all your car garbage (organizer fans will be happy to know this product has two mesh storage pockets as well). It can be easily secured to a car seat using an adjustable strap. If you also want to protect your seats with a thick padded car seat protector, purchase a car seat protector thickest padding.


The Lebogner Car Trash Bin has an advantage over other products. Like many similar options, adjustable straps are included on this trash bin. Car bins usually use only straps to secure themselves, but Lebogner took it one step further and included velcro strips on the bottom of the bin (to reduce movement during transit). It can hold up to 3.65 gallons of trash, and this trash bin folds up for storage when not in use (similar to the KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Original Wastebasket).


This trash bin is priced higher than many other car trash bins (it costs about $6 more than the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets), but it also offers nearly twice the storage capacity of most models. It can be used in various places around your car: on the front of your seat, the back of the seat, or on the floor. Car garbage cans don’t always offer warranties, but Lebogner is confident enough in this product to offer a lifetime warranty to customers. They even offer free delivery! If you are looking for the best cargo bikes for shopping with your kids and pet, check out our family cargo bike by bunch bikes review.

Car Garbage Can By Lebogner Wrap Up

The Lebogner Car Trash Can is definitely a pricier product costing $18.97 (with a $29.99 list price), but it is worth the extra money. It offers nearly twice the storage space of your average car trash can, includes standard features like adjustable straps, and even goes the extra step by providing velcro strips on the bottom of the can (to reduce shifting). If you’re tired of constantly emptying your trash can, then this is the product for you!

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