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Finding the Best Digital Camera For Beginners or the best digital camera in general is tough because there are many details to look at before making your choice. The Canon eos m50 mirrorless digital camera is among the best because it can take good pictures at a moment’s notice with autofocus. If you aren’t as into taking pictures, the camera can also record 4K video so you can have a blast making some content easily.

Why We Like It – Canon Eos M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera

The Canon eos m50 mirrorless digital camera is a great camera that takes stunning videos in 4K, so you can enjoy them in the sanctity of your home or share them with friends. It has neat features like eye detection which allows it to take better portrait photos. It can transfer photos easily to your smartphone using Wi Fi NFC technology.

  • Automatic image transfer lets you backup your photos easily
  • Video in 4k will come out clean and crisp
  • The customers did not like autofocus during video recording

Image Quality

To capture moments quickly, the Canon mirrorless camera uses dual pixel CMOS AF which provides advanced subject tracking and eye tracking to produce better pictures. The wide autofocus area lets you close in on a particular part of the image and brings better results. AF tracking will keep an eye on your subject as they move, and there is also an eye detection AF that helps create clearer portraits. It does all this through its 24.1 megapixels that process brilliant colors. If you want to find similar cameras as this Canon, another option you may be interested in is the Nikon d3500 digital SLR camera.

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Ease of Use

The AF system embedded in these Canons allows entry level photographers to capture wicked shots without much effort. You can use the autofocus system to produce astounding images. It has a basic digital camera layout, such as having a button on top of the camera for picture taking, and the settings are located in the back of the device alongside the preview screen. It may take some diving into the user manual to understand how the icons alter pictures or settings.

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Battery Life

The rechargeable battery pack on this device can last up to 130 minutes, and this fluctuates depending on the type of usage. Shooting the majority of your content through video will typically drain the battery faster than in camera mode. When it comes time to recharge, you can expect a wait time of 2 hours to use it at max potential once again.


As with most cameras, you want to handle the camera body with extreme care in order to preserve the condition of the lenses. Feel free to add on insurance if you think you need the extra comfort. If you want to see more from the Canon family, you may want to take a look at the Canon eos 800d.


If you are trying to share content on the web, the canon m50 camera will bring high quality video streaming while online. With this Canon camera, you can choose from a variety of different package options that will suit you in whichever endeavors you embark on. There is an option to have more storage, or mounting equipment, or camera straps for more comfortable usage. If you want to take a look at what the competitors offer, feel free to check out the Nikon Z50.

Canon Eos M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera Wrap Up

With the Canon eos m50 mirrorless digital camera you can expect features like eye detection, AF tracking, wide autofocus, and dual pixel to bring out the high resolution in your photos. The utility webcam software will also make the most out of your video calls and content streaming.

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